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Brian Klein

Why Old Friends Matter


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Video Description:

  • We were friends with someone, a time back. At one stage, it might be decades ago now, we had a lot in common: we were both good at math but bad at French at school and had a shared liking for table tennis; or we had adjacent rooms at college and used to help each other with assignments and commiserate in the bar about failed dates or maddening parents; or maybe we were interns in the same big firm. These individuals remind us of where we come from, who we were; have we lost such a part of ourselves that we want to just throw away a piece of who we were (and still are).

In This Episode:

  • We explore what the old ties, to those friends you grew up, can do and why these ties actually matter.

Please remember that this is a discussion on this particular set of episodes, not a free for all.

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