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We do appreciate the time you took to come to our beloved community. We hope you have found what you were looking for and hope you gain just a little more insight into the journey you are undertaking, We encourage you to join us. For a limited time, we are offering open invitations to the community, to receive yours, you need but to simply ask for one. Get to know us, let us get to know you.

Click here to request your invitation code bring your uniqueness, distinct presence, and experience to our little community. Help us grow through your knowledge. Your journey is uniquely yours but can help others in the same situation.

Brian Klein Brian Klein

Welcome to Humanastory. A community created with one goal in mind - Human Companionship.

Our core belief is a simple one; everyone has a story, everyone is the story. Your experiences in life define who you are and what choices you will make.

What if you could share what you have learned from the experience with someone just beginning that same journey. What would you say to them?

We are the story of humanity, one person at a time.

Brian Klein Brian Klein

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Found 11 results

  1. We love to hear all kinds of feedback! Communication is the key to success and the only way we will succeed is by hearing the comments, suggestions, and feedback you provide - We open the lines of communication to all and we do so in various ways to help keep us organized. We only request you send your thoughts to the right place. If it is sent to the wrong place it may not be replied to in the manner you were hoping to be responded to, or even worse, replied to at all. General Inbox Our General Catch All Email System. Support Ticket System Need Member Help | Create a Support Ticket (Quickest Response Time) Support E-Mail Technical Issues. Submissions E-Mail Personal Real-Story | Personal Story Submission Image | Image Submissions Poem | Poem Submissions Article | Article Submissions Fictional Short Story | Short-Story Submissions Anonymous Information Tip-Line Anonymous Info | Anonymous Submission Used for those who wish their names and personal information to remain confidential or redacted. Show Contact Information On a Show | Contact Our Show Team Snail Mail ATTN: Humanastory, P.O. Box 712151, Santee, CA 92072
  2. Share Your Story With Us Today Every single person has that one event in their life that shaped who they are today, we believe your life changing moment could help someone going through the same situation, the difference here is, you overcame yours and they are learning from you. We'd love to know you. The tale of one's journey can have profound and amazing changes in another person's life, we often think our lives are meaningless, and boring - yet we look at others with amazement. At Humanastory we believe by sharing your story, your amazing journey, you could change another person's way of thinking for the better, perhaps, in doing this small act; you've already begun transforming yourself to a higher level of awareness - to see how you've overcome such odds in life does inspire people. Submitting your story will be a two step process! Step 1: There are 2 ways to submit your story; (Using Electronic Mail) Send through our E-Mail: Submitting Normally: Send us an email with the title heading ' My Story Submission ' to submissions@humanastory.com. If you are looking to mask your name please let us know you'd like this to be shared 'anonymously'. Give a short summary of your story (250 words or less) in the body of your E-mail. Your submission must be pre-typed using a word editor and the word file must be attached to the email. Only accepted files types with the E-mail will be [ .DOC / .DOCX ] all others will be ignored. (Through Snail Mail) Send through our P.O. Box (Postal Service): Type that bad boy out on your device and print it on copy paper! or use good ol' pen and lined paper! Send us a mail with the title heading ' My Story Submission ' to Humanastory Submissions - P.O. Box 712151, Santee CA, 92072-2151 Be sure to give us your First and Last Name so we know who to credit for this story. Step 2: The Posting Process: Finally we post your story up on the site, we do this because we want to make it official as well as allow people the access to read your journey of life! Once reviewed, you are automatically entered into the random drawing of prizes for your story submission. There is no work required on your part for this. Here are some helpful links we would like to share in helping you build your story. This link will help guide the process as you move along in your story and forming your thoughts All authors have a chance of being interviewed by our Radio Host. Legal Notice: Anyone can submit their story to share, however, a completed consent form must be completed and emailed (or mailed) back to us for any 'Open Conversation' we hold (for legality purposes). Please take a moment to read our legal notice before proceeding any further.
  3. Humanastory welcomes articles, fictional stories, and (or) poems to be published on this website. We prefer articles that bring to light facts not generally known, or that offer novel perspective. We prefer fictional stories that offer a novel perspective and grounded in a moral or two. We prefer poems that offer a sentimental perspective and grounded in a moral and topped with tradition. Sharing your personal 'Non-Fictional' Life-Altering Story with Humanastory Follow 'Sharing Your Story with Us' instructions carefully. Once accepted, your work will appear in our 'Story Submissions' section. Share an Image with Humanastory Must be 1920x1080 Pixels Submission can be done [here]. Once accepted, your work will appear in our 'Galleries' section. Be Inspired - By Positively Posting You must be logged in. [YOU MUST BE A MEMBER] Post your snag in our 'Positively Posting' section, located [here]. Once accepted, your work will appear in our 'Positively Posting' section. Share a Life's Little Snag with Humanastory You must be logged in. [YOU MUST BE A MEMBER] Post your snag in our 'Life's Little Snag' section, located [here]. Once accepted, your work will appear in our 'Life's Little Snag' section. Writing an article for Humanastory Be sure to read over our Writer's Guide before actually writing an article for us (These rules are for articles only). Submission can be done [here]. Once accepted, your work will appear in our 'Life Related Resources' section. Writing a fictional story for Humanastory Submission can be done [here]. Once accepted, your work will appear in 'Kristina's Corner' section. Writing a poem for Humanastory Submission can be done [here]. Once accepted, your work will appear in 'Kristina's Corner' section. Legal Notice: By submitting anything to us, you have read, completely understand, and agree to our [Privacy Notice], [Terms of Service], and our [Guidelines]. A completed consent form must be completed and emailed (or mailed) back to us for any 'Open Conversation' we hold (for legality purposes). The form is located here.
  4. Last Updated 21.JUNE.2019 Listen to the current show airing right now by clicking here. ----- Legend: CWH - Our Show, Coffee With Humanastory OC - Our Show, Open Conversation HS-Livestream - Our Show, Humanastory Livestream --- Voice your thoughts on any of our shows by calling our voice box: +1.619.798.6307 (San Diego, CA - USA) We ask you leave the following; First Name (only) State or Provence (if outside the US) Show (CWH, OC, HS Livestream) Episode Number Our Musical Rotation: Nature / Classical / Light Vocal Hour | [12:46 AM – 1:15 AM] Dream Hour [1:16 AM – 2:15 AM] Nature / Classical / Light Vocal Hour [2:16 AM – 11:45 AM] Chill Hour [10:46 AM - 11:45 AM] Spanish Flamingo Hour [11:46 AM – 12:45 PM] Nature / Classical / Light Vocal Hour [12:46 PM – 10:45 PM] Jazz Hour [10:46 PM – 11:45 PM] Chill Hour [11:46 PM – 12:45 AM] Upcoming Show Information: Join the current conversations by clicking here. Join our past conversations by clicking here. We do look to older shows for newer information posted to air on our current shows. Check our calendar for fun activities here. Past Show Downloads: Coffee With Humanastory can be found here. Open Conversations can be found here. Technical Information: We stream live using a bit rate of 128kbps and a sample rate of 44100Hz Connection to Wi-Fi or Internet is recommended Mobile data charges may apply if using your mobile device, depending on your personal carrier plan. We're 100% Funded by listeners like you consider pledging or contributing a one time contribution: Support Humanastory by clicking here. Submit your 'Stories' by clicking here. Contact us by clicking here.
  5. Why Humanastory, The Humanastory project is a byproduct of my personal life's experiences; my hopes and desires are to connect people together through shared experiences – your stories. More importantly, it is about human companionship and special closeness that only comes from bringing people together with the aim of helping each other. I wanted to be able to tell your stories and share your experiences with everyone who could benefit from them. I feel that by telling your stories you can share that moment that forever changed who you are to someone in that same situation, effectively changing their lives through shared experiences and possibly making a friend in the process. The idea here is to not just tell your stories, but rather, to share the journey in how you overcame that moment in your life; all while allowing others to live the experience to allow them to connect to the one sharing it – YOU! Feel free to share your stories that have dragged you to the depths of despair, but, do not forget to share how you have overcome what held you down in that moment, and how you learned from the experience. Humanastory gives you the resources to express your experiences, all while helping those who otherwise would fail in the same situations - the help to stand up and face what is in front of them knowing they do not have to do it alone. I truly believe everyone has the ability to succeed in life. Enjoy, and welcome to Humanastory. Welcome to your new family. Our community consists of 3 shows: Coffee With Humanastory - Live morning shows involving the submitted stories by our humanastorians. An Open Conversation - Live shows involving an honest and open conversation and interaction with the brave individuals who submitted their stories and other inspiring people from around the world. Humanastory Livestream - Unscripted live fun with our community, website, and members. We take calls and talk live to everyone in the community. We hold contests and giveaways at Humanastory as a way to encourage interaction with each other and to encourage the creation of kinship and growth with each other. Contest Forum - is where our contests are placed when one is ongoing. We all have grievances in life, the question is, what just sets you back today might be easily fixed with a fresh pair of eyes. Life's Little Snags - is the section dedicated to the little day to day situations we have found ways to overcome, bet there is one in here you have experienced and can relate to; if not, you can unload it with us to share. And finally, the reason we do this, our Humanastorian story submissions! The basis of our entire community. Those who have gone through adversity in life and managed to overcome what ales them, only to share this event with all of us at Humanastory! Story Submissions - A collection of life events and stories, submitted by our members. Take your time, peruse through the website, and see what we have to offer! We are reminded daily why Humanastory is so important. The stories we receive come from mostly individuals who have or are passing on and wanted to share their wisdom with others undergoing the same struggles that they had in life. They seem sad, but potentially save others in sharing their journeys. These individuals deserve the utmost respect and gratitude for helping make the world a more positive place and doing it whilst they are no longer around to enjoy it (a selfless act indeed). It is these people and their stories that make an impact on the world and while it seems these people, who have shared their journeys through life, get nothing in return they did something that could and can never be repaid. The Honored Departed; they will not be forgotten here. Meet our inspiration, Mark Ehmke (Lower left); learn more about him here. Having had stage 4 cancer not once, but twice by 18. The first time, had my left testicle removed (at thirteen years old) The second time I did chemotherapy 6 hours a day 5 days a week. I am still seeing my doctor to this day, now as I am older, with numerous health issues from all the years of chemotherapy and cancer that I did when I was young. I still try and help out those around me; I have put 3 people in hospice and stood by their side being the sole person at their last moments. I got married in hospice to my wife, for a friend I called 'brother', Mark Ehmke (the man in the picture), ultimately we buried him. I have also lost a best friend at 23 years of age from cancer (Thomas Biddleman), the same type of cancer I had the first time. My friend, Mark Ehmke, whom I called 'brother' always had a running joke, one I will never forget, he would often state 'The aliens were coming'. You have to find humor in the darkest of hours. If you ever want to talk, I'm available. I got married in Parkview Hospice for Mark to make him my best man, it was his last request. Humanastory is a bi-product of my life's experience; and I hope to connect people together through shared experiences. ---
  6. Fantastic Friday! The rules are simple You leave a comment. Your comment gets placed in the proverbial 'Humanastorian Glass Jar'. One random comment liked best by Humanastory may be announced winner of "Fantastic Friday" on an upcoming 'Coffee With Humanastory' Episode (Winners are chosen at random). We will chose the comments from the following: Including but not limited to; our Website (the main place we look), Twitter, and (or) YouTube. This applies to not only our community and social media but also our Contact Us System and even our live show 'call in comments'. We announce the winners of our Fantastic Friday contest on our Friday 'Coffee With Humanastory' Episodes. The winner will only have until 12:00 AM PST on the following Monday morning to respond to our initial 'winner' notification on the show, or their win is forfeit. We have more ongoing contests you can join in on here.
  7. We are extremely glad you have taken the time to see what we are about. Our entire project is funded 100% through viewers like yourself. Individuals that have taken time from their day to see what we have to offer. As you may already know our goal is simple; to share the human experience, to become enlightened through all of our adversity, and to see what knowledge we can share with you in hopes of helping us all collectively grow through the shared experience and journey we all share; life. This project is a daunting one. Without the help of individuals who are willing to go above and make that sacrifice, this would not be possible. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for showing your support. If you enjoy any of the content we have provided we only ask you consider contributing to help keep our cause alive. There are several ways you can help. Already a Member Consider a monthly subscription (comes with perks) to contribute monthly by clicking here. Contribute financially directly to one of Humanastory's Donation Pools located here. Help us grow (earn 10% of what they spend) using referral banners linking your website to ours here. Check out our online store, located here. Non-Member Use our PayPal's Official system to contribute a 'one time contribution' here. Use Patreon's Official system to contribute a 'monthly contribution' here. Sponsor one of our CWH episodes (Advertise With Humanastory) You can sponsor one of our shows by advertising with Humanastory by clicking here. We're 100% Funded by listeners like you consider pledging or contributing a one time contribution:
  8. The Understanding: Thought Process As you begin your journey into this fascinating event that changed your life forever, we want to see what you saw, we want to feel how you felt. Be descriptive, share that pain, that joy, and share the senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound). Paint this vivid 3D image as if we are standing inside your shoes. Compilation Give us the detailing situations leading up to and during the event. Share with us what you feel and see: Before. During. After. Some tips to remember while compiling your story to us. Never Gossip (It's just rude to do.) Never Judge (When you do this, you discredit your story.) Try to refrain from making this about negativity, (We are trying to think positive. Your here telling your story so you must have done something right) Never Complain. (When you complain, you really make your points invalid) Never make excuses. (Don't be that guy/gal, remember your points are strong, you have no reason to excuse them) Never Lie. (Lying just makes your whole story look bad. After all, remember the only person you really need to convince is, well...YOU! Stand proud of your accomplishments.) Ending Share with us what you’ve learned, how this experience made you grow into a better person for it. What made you share it? How did this experience inspire you, remember even the bad ones shape us. Important Reminder: We want you to walk us through this event (no matter how long it takes) as if we were there on the journey with you. Share it completely, from feelings to the scenery. This can be several events leading up to the challenge and then the final realization and how it all ended. Below are some helpful files we have put together to help you better understand the format of your life changing event, your story. Mind-Map Version of the document you just read. Perfect Story.pdf Here are some tips. Helpful Tips on Story Writing.pdf Printable Flyer you can print and distribute all over town. Humanastory FLYER.pdf Printable Version of "Why Humanastory". Why Humanastory.pdf This link will begin the submission process.
  9. Humanastory Writer's Guide This writer's guide is for those who chose to write articles for us. You can use this for anything else you might do at Humanastory, but it is NOT a requirement. Do not justify text. Use ragged right. Use only one space after period, comma, colon, semicolon. All numbers over 999 (except dates) use commas, as in 14,472. All numbers are spelled out up to “ten,” numerals for 11 and higher. The only exception is percentages, as in “2 percent.” (See next item.) Always spell “percent,” never use % sign. Commas and periods always go inside quotation marks, as in “Go,” he said. Never use just the last name of a living person. Men are always Mr., Prof., Doc., etc. Women are Miss or Mrs. if marital status is known, Miss if not known. They are never Ms. No periods when US is used as a modifier, as in US Army. Do not use the passive voice unless absolutely necessary. Ordinals are 12th, 13th, etc. Do not use superscript for the “th.” Never start a sentence with a numeral. Always spell out the months of the year; no abbreviations. Use Hispanic, not Latino. When referring to race, black and white are never capitalized. Use 1960s, not 1960’s. Do not use a long word when a short one will do. Ellipses are period-space-period-space-period-space. Do not use the ellipsis character. Make every word carry freight; no padding. Do not use clichés, such as “selling like hotcakes,” “complete disaster,” “meteoric rise,” “this day and age,” “like never before,” etc. M hyphens (the long ones used to set off phrases) do not have a space either before or after.
  10. What we will do. Your ad will get 500 Impressions site-wide. Your 250 word scripted ad will get featured in one of our upcoming Coffee With Humanastory shows. What you will need. Two images One image at 1000x242 pixels. (This image will be impression on our site 500 times) after the first post along with other ads One image at 1920x1080 pixels. (This image will be imbedded into our CWH shows.) One Script 250 words or less. Contact support@humanastory.com for a quote. Note: Be sure to title your email "Advertisement Inquiry"
  11. Dedicated Themes - Coffee With Humanastory A dedicated theme is our way of doing a show you've hand-picked out for us, you chose the title and theme, we open with what you had to say and the entirety of the show is centered around your topic choice (within moral reason and common sense provided by you during this process). It is simple, Make your contribution. Located here. (Pay only what you feel our work is worth.) Fill out our form here. We will open our shows with what you had to say! We only have one rule, your theme must be suitable for work.
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