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  1. In This Episode: Today's Adventure - Walk Through Mast Park | Humanastory | 1.011 Real places by real people who share real adventure. Cities and Towns Visited: Santee, California Parks Traveled: Mast Park Monument Visited: None Inscriptions Found: "None." Images Gathered During Trip: https://community.humanastory.com/gallery/
  2. It has been an interesting last couple of months. The world seems to be falling apart from this supposed pandemic according to all the news stories of death and sickness. There has been so many statements about what to do and what not to, whether we are all really safe, and if this is even a real thing to begin with. Some take the time to spend with family, while others prepare for the worst and think the inevitable is coming --whatever that may be. I just wanted to take a moment to say that no matter what is really going on out there in the world that we have to try and keep a positive attitude. I know that is easily said than done. I for one am very thankful that I still have a job and I am able to work from home. That is allows me to spend more quality time with my husband and mom in law, and gives me time to appreciate things in life like simply being healthy. I feel most people take that for granted. I know there are really people out there that are hurting for money and are sick. I hope that they are able to get well and get help from others in their time of need. I feel we are very fortunate to be some of the ones that are doing okay through all this. One thing I know for certain is that people will not stay locked in their houses forever and there will come a time when they just move on with or without government permission. It's going to get crazy before it gets better. But it will get better. Stay strong, stay positive, and keep love going. We all need it right now.
  3. Hi @Paige Balan and @Allison Soto thanks for sharing your stories with us. Yeah I feel the same way about loss of life whether it is animals or humans and that any god would just sit back and let all the horrible things happen around the world. Also, I have found the same thing in all religions, that the majority of the people that are highly religious and try to push it on to you are liars and hypocrites. I would like to think there is something out there that made all of this beautiful universe but it is definitely not what others claim it to be.
  4. Hey Kelly. I think a lot of people would agree with you that the holidays seem to be always just around the corner and that when life is throwing all the negatives at you all at once it is hard to enjoy them like we have in our memories. All motivation gets thrown out the window and people tend to dwell on how things used to be. It is hard in the moment when things are getting you down to try and focus on the things you still have. The time left you have with your mom, while you have the time make it last. Even if you don't have the house full of kids and family it is still fun to get active and decorate, make goodies, and do the things you used to even if it is just for the two of you. You can always spread the holiday joy to neighbors and friends. That is what we did this year. Even though it was just the three of us here at the house we still decorated, made the big meal, and made cookies and candy. Then we took leftovers to the neighbors to put a smile on their face. I know it is not an easy task especially when the world has you down. But the holidays are there to remind us to be thankful for what we do have in our lives. Even the little things can brighten our moods just enough to where it makes it all worth it. I hope you had wonderful holidays with your mom Kelly and that there are many more to come. HUGS.
  5. In This Episode: Today we play, we play a game called Life is Strange, and we will be playing chapter one. Remember to release good vibes. Start Date: 03.JANUARY.2020 / 8:30 PM
  6. In This Episode: Hey guys and gals! So glad you could all join us for a lovely evening, not sure what life has in store for us this evening; but I am sure you can guide us in the right direction. Here's to a happy day! Remember to release good vibes. Start Date: 16.NOVEMBER.2019 / 8:30 PM
  7. Thanks for hanging out and talking with us @Kelly Brown
  8. No current projects that I am working on right now... though coming up mom and I will be decorating our mini Xmas trees for Meals on Wheels. We do it every year and it is always fun making tiny decor to fit on the trees and creating a scene to place them in. Also, it is great because someone in need that may not get a chance to have a tree at least gets a little one they can display to perhaps brighten up their holiday.
  9. In This Episode: Hey guys and gals! So glad you could all join us for a lovely evening, not sure what life has in store for us this evening; but I am sure you can guide us in the right direction. Here's to a happy day! Check out our guests on tonight's show here. Remember to release good vibes. Start Date: 08.NOVEMBER.2019 / 8:30 PM
  10. I whole heatedly agree that all of the women mentioned above are beautiful people and are a hoot to boot! Was nice meeting all of them, chatting it up and having a fun time laughing my butt off at all their witty humor. So glad to have them in our circle of friends. Go check out their channels... you won't regret it! Much love to the crafty ladies!
  11. I sit here looking at these two little puppies (or as I like to call them 'poopies') that we are sitting for our wonderful neighbors and I am reminded what it is like to have animals in the house. Growing up I always had some kind of animal to play with and care for but besides the in between pets like bun buns (our bunny), the accumulation of rats, and a crazy black cat I called midnight, there were mostly dogs. We had mutts -- which personally I think are the best type of dog-- and my sister and I had the task of walking them, feeding them, and making sure they did not escape to make babies with the neighborhood dogs . There was Bubba... our Schnauzer cockapoo mix that thought he was the toughest on the planet but was only pint sized. Then we had bigger mixed breeds like Sheila... our golden retriever and pit bull mix, and Lily... a pup I found abandoned and gave a home to... she was a cocker spaniel mix and the sweetest dog ever. There were many others in between that were just as awesome and loving. While I don't miss waking up all hours of the morning and night to take them on walks... I do miss the unconditional love that dogs give. They are always excited to see you when you walk through the door, wanting to be pet and loved all the time, and are never judgmental (unlike cats ). It has been almost a decade without a dog in the house, but we always spoil our neighbors dogs. Maybe we will get one soon... right @Brian Klein ? I believe everyone should own a dog at some point in their lives and use their behavior of unconditional love as a way to live their own lives. People who feel loved are happier in their lives. Make someones life brighter.. give them a puppy!
  12. I do not believe in any type of god that has been presented to me by anyone or any that I have read about. There is no proof from my perspective that solidifies the existence of a deity. I have never been visited by any god or angels in my life and I have been through some horrific experiences that would warrant a visit. I have no clue how humanity came to be and if there is a creator of all things. If there is I would like to think it would present itself and it would take care of its creations like they were its children. I am very open to any possibilities as long as there is proof, but I will not blindly follow written words and have faith in something that for lack of a better word is imaginary.
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