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  1. Where to begin!? Hhhmmm. Well, March 25,2020 is one of the best days of my life. Trying to get back to a normal life without the heavy uncertain weight on my shoulders. As of this day mom IS CANCER FREE! It's been a living hell of uncertain results! The waves of different emotions from North, South, East & West! Everything in between! Now that we have this amazing news trying to get back to a normal life step by step. I'm positive it will take quite awhile to get there. So, happy days ahead.
  2. Kelly Brown


    When my mom found out that she had cancer she says she knew she'd be ok. After surgery she started chemo. Since June has been a almost constant rollercoaster of appointments, up & down emotions, worry, helplessness & so much more. The last three treatments have hit her hard. The side effects...oh boy! She's slower, in pain & just so horrible to witness. Part of me just wants her to quit the treatment & a bigger part wants her to fight no matter what so I can still have her here with me. The past 2 weeks I think it all just hit me. All the appointments, chasing, information, lack of good sleep & watching her suffering is breaking me down. One minute I'm okay then the next I feel lost and don't know what to do. I cant concentrate for long. My brain is constantly moving from one thing to another, to another...jumping around & forgetting things. I went to the Doctor last week &, was told my one medication wasn't working well with my other meds. Which can explain some of the things above or is it just the situation with mom...I don't know for certain. It doesn't compare to what she is going through. I'm praying this has all been worth it for her & I. She sees the doctor in a week or so. I know she can't handle more treatments. I'm torn but I know I'll tell her not to if they say she needs more. I can't and won't ask her to keep fighting like this. She's said if it's her time she's ready. Then, I guess, I'll have to learn & fight my heart to be able to live without her. God be with us both.
  3. Too many toppings for me. Pan crust Cheese sausage mushrooms & onions. I can't stand cooked green pepper. So you'd get the whole pie! Lol
  4. The constant stress of money, health & holidays seems to get earlier each year. The holidays are getting less important to me. When I was able to work & my health issues weren't as bad I LOVED all the holidays. Decorating, big family gatherings and the kids getting excited about them. Now the family is just who I can count on 1 hand, kids are grown, no money & health problem for me & my mom. I can't seem to get interested or excited about anything. Will this be the last Thanksgiving & Christmas with my mom? Trying to make gifts but I keep messing things up then I get frustrated. This past year has been one of the worst I've had. Every year I say "this year will be better"....but it just seems to get worse than the last yr. The many items on the "to do list" gets longer everyday. Sometimes I wish I could run away at times. For how my life works though that would be too easy...Which my life has been anything but easy!! Just have to keep fighting I guess. --- Today's Mood: Overwhelmed
  5. Projects are many and stressful. Most of the time life hinders our creativity. I have so many items that have been requested, remembrance crochet items, holiday gifts and surprises for "just because". I will probably run out of time. Add in Thanksgiving at my house that's been changed multiple times on who's house and to order or cook the meal. Then throw in medical problems new & old. It will all be good as long as I have the small family I have left together around me. Deep breath.
  6. You'll get it all done. Don't...OK, Try not to stress too much about it. (giggle) Just remember no one expects you to be Superwoman. Also, remember to take time for yourself. Xo
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