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  1. I found myself in the same situation many many years ago. with my oldest daughter. We wrapped every individual thing (and still do lol) to make it look like it's so much more... but to see her disappointment is heart breaking. We do give her what she wants, (when we can afford it) but also when she's earned it. sad thing is, CPS has told her, that she doesn't have to earn it, that she can tell us what she likes and and doesn't like as well as what she will and wont do.... whatever another story Point is, I Know that the cycle is there, I also know it'll never change. just wish I could get my kiddo to understand what words mean... I hate you, I wish you were dead,,, she acts as if they're just that, word, but they're not
  2. I'm really not sure how to respond to this. Other than this is bitter sweet and a story in itself. I should tell you though, you are one amazing person. Most people, would ignore this and move on. I'm not sure who or what was pulling you or well telling you but I'm glad to know there are still people out there like you. I watched a video the other day. It was an experiment to see how or what people would do in a situation. (it was an older YouTube video) but none the less, the out come was and is still the same. Everyone around just ignored, kept walking on by. They would stop a few of them and ask them, why did you ignore what was happening? All of their answers were the same. Not my place to butt in, if I do I could be the one dead or in trouble. So Thank you Andrew! Because, even though it was your job, it wasn't your job to do more than what you did. That was you! Allison
  3. Growing up I was raised in a religion and I felt then as I do now. Hypocrites is honestly the first word that comes to mind. If you don't act, speak, dress etc. like them, then you were not living the godly life. Organized religion really just makes me NOT believe in god. The whole thing was made up by man in the first place. If someone NOW said that GOD come to me, and told me that this is his word and we need to live by it, lol y'all know they'd be considered freaking crazy (insane) I asked one question to a few different religions and they all answered with the same... So, here was my question. Why is it that you say GOD allows FREEDOM of choice when in fact, choices are taken away from people everyday. A child, A mother, A man: Raped, Murdered, Beaten! Their CHOICE was TAKEN away from them. They didn't CHOOSE for that to happen. So here's my Question again, Why did those EVIL people GET their choice but the victims didn't? You know, they were praying to god to save them, to help them. Yet, their choice was taken. Their answers were ALL the same... Because god doesn't interfere with peoples choices... lmbo My response was quite simple, Well then that's HYPOCRITICAL and NOT a god I'd want to believe in. So No, I don't believe in any Deity. I don't raise my daughter that way either. She knows that when she's grown up she can make that choice for herself. My husbands mom shoves it down my daughters and I's throats but I just smile and show respect and so does my daughter, but I finally had enough of her BS lies and told her straight up, for being catholic, you sure lie a lot. Just saying! Obviously, we're not speaking anymore. Doesn't hurt my feelings. Her choice, Her life!
  4. Wow, this story brought tears to my eyes. I have to say I understand the not talking about him from your parents though. I have lost a son and it's still hard for me. My daughter tries to get me to talk about it sometimes, but I just tell her that he's in a better place and leave the conversation at that. It breaks my heart all over again. On the other hand, I can see where it would've been wonderful for you to have known your brother. And you're right Dave, the picture made the story really come to life! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! Big Hugs
  5. I couldn't imagine losing both my children in that manner. My son has passed away but that was natural not by evil. What amazing people. They have more strength then I could ever imagine.
  6. Paige, I'm the same way. I'm a stay at home mom and so I can't afford to buy everyone something. I make things even for my daughter. I know how fake the oh it's lovely thank you. And then it's never used. My daughter is the worse with this lol. I just smile and remind myself how much fun I had while making it. So I focus on that! I still make things and I'll continue to do so. Even if I was rich I would continuing doing that. To me, it's more meaningful and priceless!!
  7. So this has been a hard topic for me. I don't know how or who to turn to. I have some mixed feelings on this subject. So, lets start at the beginning! My daughter's new counselor diagnosed her with ADHD. Now, I'm not saying that adhd doesn't exist okay. I just think its too easy nowadays to say oh its this, give them pills. What happened to good ole' fashion parenting? Its too easy for kids to get away with shit nowadays! And now they say oh its because they have this disease. When really its because they're spoiled with no consequences to speak of since the system has given them the power and taken it away from the parents. Now, don't get me wrong. I know that there are real dirt bag parents out there and that's why we need the system, but damn all's a kid has to do nowadays is cry abuse and BAM you have the system on your ass telling you what you can and cannot do! How to live, shit, eat and sleep! I mean for crying out loud, get a damn clue. Anyhow, sorry, now I'm off topic. So her counselor wanted to give her meds and of course I said no because I know that there are other options out there. She hesitated, then admitted that as their diets are not proven it could help, but that to give her coffee to sip on throughout the day. lol Yep, you read that right. Coffee! Well, hell to me that's WAY better than giving her meds. So we are on day 3. Haven't really seen a change. So I've written a letter to all of her teachers asking them to once a week at least, to email me any changes if any. Since that is where she is for most of her day. Honestly, though, it's her just using the fear and the system to get her way. I don't know. Any advice?
  8. lol I pull the peppers off. I'm the same way. If they were raw peppers then I'd eat them.
  9. I think ya both are just wonderful. So glad that I met y'all.. Big Hugs to you!! Kristina and Brian I salute ya for just being awesome!
  10. lol it has Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Sausage, Pineapple, Beef, Mushrooms, Olives, Onions, Green Peppers, Real Bacon of course the best marinara sauce and loads of mozzarella lol
  11. LMBO Pineapple is REQUIRED lol especially on a DEATH BY PIZZA pizza.. lol yes that is the name of it hahaha
  12. Yes Kelly, as long as family are around you is all that matters. I have so many projects that need to be done, but I know that it wont happen lol. I will get done what I can!! Awesome!!
  13. Awwww that's a wonderful thing to do! Oh and I bet it's fun to make as well. But the reward, seeing the smiles on peoples faces! Awesome!!
  14. Projects? Too many to list? lol, you're not alone! I have that right now as I'm typing this. But, for the sake of just one project that over turns everything right now, getting my new home put together! I've got boxes and boxes full that need to be un-boxed, washed and then I need to find a new home for it all. Outside of that, wips like you wouldn't believe, but those can wait. A friend of ours just got married, so as soon as my yarn comes in, I'll be crocheting him and his new wife a blanket! lol I need to learn to say enough, No, I'm busy lol, but since I haven't learned that yet, lol, those wips will get put on the back burner once again so that I can make this blanket and yes, get my house done! So, what do y'all have going on in your crafty world?
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