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About Me

Having had stage 4 cancer not once, but twice by 18. Did 10 years of chemotherapy 6 hours a day 5 days a week, I put 3 people in hospice and stood by their side being the sole person at their last moments, got married in hospice to my wife, for my brother, ultimately we buried him, and finally lost a best friend at 23 from cancer. My brother always had a running joke, one I will never forget, he would often state 'the aliens were coming' for him.

When we found out he wasn't going to make it beyond the night, he laughed hard and stated "They are here.". The point here is you have to find humor in the darkest of hours, and do so in your own way. If you (or anyone for that matter) ever wanna talk, I'm available. His last words to me were 'You took care of me, I love you'. To which I say, lesson learned.

Humanastory is a bi-product of my life's experience; I hope to connect people together through shared experiences. 


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