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Privacy Policy

Understanding Privacy.

►Brief summary

All information you share with us is securely held with Humanastory only and in no way shared with any other person or company. Your privacy is important to us. This privacy policy has been made easy to find on our home page and every place where your personal information is required.

►What information is collected or received?

The information collected or submitted is information needed so you can order products, make requests and register your details to receive materials.

►How do you use this information?

Information collected or submitted by you is not used for the purpose of completing any transaction or order between you and Humanastory. We do use the information for support purposes when tickets are created or questions are asked to our staff as to identify who is contacting us. We do not share any information except to the extent required to complete that order. Email addresses are only used for the return reply of emails we receive, such as support issue responses or product updates, you will only receive product updates on your purchased products and email addresses will not be shared by outside parties.

We may use non identifiable information with outside parties, such as number of visitors in a day or number customers for a particular product, but this information will in no way use personal information that identifies or reveals and of your personal information of any customer.

►How can I access my information?

All your personal information held by us can be accessed by contacting our company. You can correct or change your personal details providing credible information showing errors.
To unsure no unauthorized access to your personal details or information requests are properly examined and will require information to verify your identity before accessing or changing of personal details.

►Children's Privacy

The privacy of anyone who is under 13 is important and in no way will we collect or use any personal information collected by person(s) known to be under the age of 13. We make it an important issue that no part in anyway is attracted to children under the age of 13 and will make and effort that all company or public discussions follow a standard public moral and that is acceptable to children.

►Online Security

Every effort to maintain personal information security is taken, with electronic and physical data always being protected from unauthorized access.

Keep in mind, we can read all "Private Messages" and do when prompted, furthermore "Private Messages" can and will be used during legal action against the offending individual(s) - While we respect the privacy of individuals, we do have a duty to expect a certain level of maturity at Humanastory from our Humanastorians, as a result, if any individual involved in any private conversation requests moderation of their conversation, we "WILL" and "DO" look into the issues being requested by said Humanastorian(s). 

Remember this is not an invasion of privacy, but rather a chance to police your maturity - when you agree to your best behavior, and act as your mother taught you, or act accordingly, to respect one another - there would be no issues (treat others as you would want to be treated), you don't have to like a person, but here, you do have to respect what they say. 

Simply put we reserve the right and will execute the rights to look into your private messages, whenever it is deemed appropriate 'BY OUR STAFF' for any investigative reasons which don't have to be explained to you, and can be done at any time. Be respectful to everyone and treat them as you wish to be treated.

►Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns please make sure you contact us for more information. All policies by Humanastory are governed under United States Law.

If you are requesting a deletion of your account.

  • You must contact us directly to delete your account. 
    • This process is done from our end for security. (This is an unrecoverable process, once started it cannot be undone)
    • You will need proof that your account belongs to you in cases like this, to ensure it wasn't hijacked for any reason.

It is our recommendation that you use your 'First and Last' name when signing up as your 'display name' so we can simply verify Identification - we can't delete accounts without proof of ownership, period. 

Humanastory, P.O. Box 712151, Santee, California, 92072-2151

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