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Reading With Humanastory

Live Shows Every Saturday at 12:30 PM PST / Book Reads
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The Wisdom of Insecurity

Aired 08/24/2017

Reading With Humanastory will air every Saturday at 12:30 PM PST; Join us every Monday in CWH for our discussions on the current RWH Episode. 

  • Hosts: Brian Klein / Co-Host: Kristina Klein
  • Narrated by: Brian Klein
  • Author: Alan Watts
  • You can download the full audio: Here.


Chapter 01 - The Age of Anxiety

  • Runtime: 24:00 24.00 MIN
  • Talk About It: Here.

Chapter 02 - Pain and Time

  • Runtime: 15:32 15.32 MIN
  • Talk About It: Here.

Chapter 03 - The Great Stream

  • Runtime: 38:30 38:30 MIN
  • Talk About It: Here.

Chapter 04 - The Wisdom of the Body

  • Runtime: 29:31 29:31 MIN
  • Talk About It: Here.

Chapter 05 - On Being Aware

  • Runtime: 21:33 21:33 MIN
  • Talk About It: Here.

Chapter 06 - The Marvelous Moment

  • Runtime: 24:12 24:12
  • Talk About It Here

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