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We do appreciate the time you took to come to our beloved community. We hope you have found what you were looking for and hope you gain just a little more insight into the journey you are undertaking, We encourage you to join us. For a limited time, we are offering open invitations to the community, to receive yours, you need but to simply ask for one. Get to know us, let us get to know you.

Click here to request your invitation code bring your uniqueness, distinct presence, and experience to our little community. Help us grow through your knowledge. Your journey is uniquely yours but can help others in the same situation.

Brian Klein Brian Klein

Welcome to Humanastory. A community created with one goal in mind - Human Companionship.

Our core belief is a simple one; everyone has a story, everyone is the story. Your experiences in life define who you are and what choices you will make.

What if you could share what you have learned from the experience with someone just beginning that same journey. What would you say to them?

We are the story of humanity, one person at a time.

Brian Klein Brian Klein
  • Radio Features

    Learn about 'Radio' features.
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      Radio Overview

      Humanastory has an online radio that is accessible to every member and visitor, the idea of the radio is to interact with every member and have a good time. We have various shows that play at various times through the radio. You can check our broadcast schedule and shows here, be sure to check the broadcast schedule often as schedule times change periodically to fit the needs of the community as a whole. Generally, the broadcasted shows from the radio are to showcase the real stories, interviews, and book reads - by all of you. We share the usual ups and downs, mood changes, developments and other interesting aspects of that individual's life using our shows. The main focus of our radio shows are to promote the story submissions and learn about the author or interest.  The next part of this tutorial explains how to set up and run the radio on your PC or Mobile device, so carry on reading ...
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      Accessing The Radio

      From our 'Home' Page; you will see the following, depicted in the image below. Clicking 'Listen Now' will access a menu that shows a list of programs can connect to the radio station. To tune-in you will want to chose one of the following programs shown in the menu to listen to what is playing live as shown below. (On a side note, we at humanastory tend to use Windows Media Player, as that is the program that comes with windows 10, but you can chose which ever works for you (most devices from mobile to desktop come with on of the five programs shown, simply chose  the one your system uses). All of these programs are free to use, your computer will usually come with one of them pre-installed when you bought it.)  You can check out our Broadcast Schedule to get the latest on current show times.
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