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      Journals Overview

      The system has a Journal feature that enables every member to create their own Journal (be it public or private). Generally, the personal Journals are filled with the daily entries about that journal creator's life; journal's come to life with the rhythm of the person writing in them; the usual ups and downs, mood changes, developments and other interesting aspects of that individual's life. Of course you can use the Journal for anything you wish - to promote a hobby or interest for example. Journals can be a mixture of text, images and videos and each one is as individual as the member who starts their journal. The next part of this tutorial explains how to set up a Journal, so carry on reading ...
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      Journal Setup

      Firstly click on the Blogs menu link on the main menu. Next click on the orange button named Create Blog (shown below) On the next screen you will see this: Give your Blog a name Add a description to say what your Blog is about Chose your privacy level for this Journal Click on the continue button You're almost there now … Next click on Add Blog Entry (shown below) ... to submit your first Blog Entry.  The rest is the same as if you were starting a new topic in a forum.  Give your entry a name and then add your text, images, video and even a poll if you wish.
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