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  • Activity Stream Features

    Learn about the 'Activity Stream'.
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      Activity Stream Overview

      The Activity Stream Feature is a very powerful feature putting all the real decision making in your hands, this feature allows a number of different means to view new content, from your last visit on this site to only content posted in the last hour. 
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      Stream Menu Options

      This drop down menu is actually the most powerful aspect of the feature as it allows you to create your own activity streams to filter the content that YOU are interested in.  Will show all the unread content within the community. Will show only the content that you have started. Will only show content (blogs, galleries, etc.) you follow. Will only show members you 'follow'. Will only show the content that you have posted in. By clicking on Create New Stream you are offered a number of options: After you have created your custom stream it will always appear under the menu (our example below) Once created, you can always go back Edit the theme to fit your current needs Delete the theme if  you no longer want it Make the theme your default theme
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