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    At its core Humanastory is about people helping people, in a family-like environment. The fact that you are reading this means a great deal to someone at Humanastory; you may not yet know it, but behind every story there is someone else who can relate to what is being shared by you and this person may feel that you have something to not only offer, but to gain from being a part of our community. 

    Before we go any further, please take a moment to read about us, by clicking here.

    A Clear Understanding:

    • As member you can participate in all areas of the site and become a part of our family.
    • As a member you understand that the respect you give to others members will be reciprocated in kind.
    • This community involves real people, all of which go through the same verification process by the owners and staff of Humanastory to ensure you understand what you are committing to.
    • What you type and say has real world consequences to the other individuals at our community and there is an expectation of respect about what you have to say, regardless of any differences.
    • You will be required to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself; with open honesty.
    • Almost every person here will know someone else here.
    • You cannot just join Humanastory, you must first be invited.

    As with any community we need to achieve a level of growth and to expedite this prospect we will be offering 10 open invitations a month until such time that membership growth is self-sustaining.  You will need to act quickly if you wish to become part of our family before the open invitations end.

    To get an open invitation* simply contact us and tell us a little about yourself and why you feel you will both be a benefit to and benefit from our close-knit community.  Remember, this is the story of humanity one person at a time. Real stories from real people.

    *Note: Not all applications may be approved even with an invitation as the final decision is down to the site Administrators.





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