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We do appreciate the time you took to come to our beloved community. We hope you have found what you were looking for and hope you gain just a little more insight into the journey you are undertaking, We encourage you to join us. For a limited time, we are offering open invitations to the community, to receive yours, you need but to simply ask for one. Get to know us, let us get to know you.

Click here to request your invitation code bring your uniqueness, distinct presence, and experience to our little community. Help us grow through your knowledge. Your journey is uniquely yours but can help others in the same situation.

Brian Klein Brian Klein

Welcome to Humanastory. A community created with one goal in mind - Human Companionship.

Our core belief is a simple one; everyone has a story, everyone is the story. Your experiences in life define who you are and what choices you will make.

What if you could share what you have learned from the experience with someone just beginning that same journey. What would you say to them?

We are the story of humanity, one person at a time.

Brian Klein Brian Klein
  • Accepting the Invite

    Using the invitation system (Read First).
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      At its core Humanastory is about people helping people, in a family-like environment. The fact that you are reading this means a great deal to someone at Humanastory; you may not yet know it, but behind every story there is someone else who can relate to what is being shared by you and this person may feel that you have something to not only offer, but to gain from being a part of our community.  Before we go any further, please take a moment to read about us, by clicking here. A Clear Understanding: As member you can participate in all areas of the site and become a part of our family. As a member you understand that the respect you give to others members will be reciprocated in kind. This community involves real people, all of which go through the same verification process by the owners and staff of Humanastory to ensure you understand what you are committing to. What you type and say has real world consequences to the other individuals at our community and there is an expectation of respect about what you have to say, regardless of any differences. You will be required to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself; with open honesty. Almost every person here will know someone else here. You cannot just join Humanastory, you must first be invited. As with any community we need to achieve a level of growth and to expedite this prospect we will be offering 10 open invitations a month until such time that membership growth is self-sustaining.  You will need to act quickly if you wish to become part of our family before the open invitations end. To get an open invitation* simply contact us and tell us a little about yourself and why you feel you will both be a benefit to and benefit from our close-knit community.  Remember, this is the story of humanity one person at a time. Real stories from real people. *Note: Not all applications may be approved even with an invitation as the final decision is down to the site Administrators.        
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      Your Invitation Code

      Your invitation code is the single most important piece of information you will use when signing up for an account at Humanastory's community. The only way you obtain a code is by getting an invitation from an existing member of Humanastory. You can submit your story without being a member by clicking here to start the process.  Receiving Your invitation code begins with checking your electronic mail box (or Email Account) for an E-Mail (or letter) by "Humanastory" and it should begin with "You are invited …" as shown below. After receiving and opening said email, you will observe your invitation code. The email itself will be addressing you by means of your legal "First and Last Name". For our example we will use "Test" for our first name and "User" for our last name, as shown below. Please note: The information that is shown at the introduction of the email in question was sent to you by means of your friend or family member, and begins with the phrase; "Hi, …", understand, this is the information we are talking about when referring to your "First and Last Name". This information must be used for the sign up process (there will be a time for adding your 'nickname', later on).  The information inside the verification code is directly connected and linked to the information used within the email we are talking about, as well as, email account itself. The account creation process will be rejected automatically if, at the signup form, the code can not be authenticated to this information. After receiving the email, opening it, viewing the code, and verifying that your name is, indeed, correct; You can click 'Sign Up' as shown below. You will then be taken to the community, be ready to fill out the form to create an account. 
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      Account Creation

      The signup form is the beginning of our own little spot inside Humanastory's Community. Now at the form. You should be observing that the form has prefilled your 'Invitation Code' and email account in to the correct boxes, making your life just that much easier. If not, and the invitation code is not there; You simply need to cut and paste, the code shown on the email into the blank spot for the 'Invitation Code', thus filling it in as depicted below. If the email attached to the code is not there, simply type it in to the correct box labeled "Email Address". After the code has been properly placed in its slot, the next step is: To begin filling out this form starting with the first line in the form, labeled, "First / Last Name". Please Note: It is important to use the name from the invitation email that was sent to you, as this gives the person who sent you the email (most likely a friend or family member) credit for getting you to the community. Any other names will be rejected by means of our verification process. Your name can be found in our sample email shown below. In the first line of the form called 'First / Last Name' you want to put the name shown in the email, in our example we chose to use "Test User" In the second line of the form called 'Email Address' you want to use the email that was sent the invitation code (and just like the invite code, the email should have been automatically put into the correct box for you, if not you have to type the email in manually); in this example we used "Test-Email@gmail.com" In the third line of the form called 'Confirm Email Address' you want to repeat the email you just put in for the second line of the form, the purpose of confirming the email is so you know that you did not make a mistake in typing your email the first time. In the fourth line of the form called 'Password' you want to create a password. Understand that it is important you know the rules when you begin to create your password, as shown below, otherwise the password you create will be rejected. Once you understand the rules to create a password, you simply need to: Fill in that newly thought up password in to the fourth line of the form called 'Password'. In the fifth line of the form called 'Confirm Password', just like when confirming email, you are  making sure there were no spelling mistakes in your password. In the seventh line of the form called 'Security Questions' you must chose a security question that you will be able to answer in the future. We have put these security questions in place to protect the security of your account. You will be prompted to answer one of the questions depicted below when performing certain sensitive actions to verify your identity, get them wrong (after setting this up) and you will need to contact Humanastory to unlock your account. For this example we have chosen the question "What was the name of the street you grew up on?" Our answer will be "Bruno Way". We highly recommend you put real answers to these questions, answers that you will remember. In the Ninth line of the form called 'Twenty One Plus Nine Is What Number'. Is a security check to prevent automated programs from creating accounts. The answer should be answered correctly, this question can be answered in various ways, none of which we can give you the answer for now, as this would defeat the purpose of the security question. You will need to do this on your own. Finally, it is important that you understand and accept our Terms of Service, without having some rules, it would be utter chaos, we recommend you take your time in understanding these rules we have; we don't want any misunderstandings, for good measure and the sake of transparency check out our privacy policy as well.
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      Account Confirmation

      After the account has been created, Humanastory will ask you to confirm that you actually own your email account, as shown below. At this point you can chose to do any of the following: Resend Confirmation Email - Use this option if the initial letter has not come to you, but be patient, sometimes the letter will take up to ten minutes to arrive. Change Email Address - Use this option if for some reason you feel you typed the initial email address in the wrong way, keep in mind, Your email for your account needs to match the 'Invitation Email' you received to begin this whole process.  Sign Out - This should be self explanatory, in the event you need to stop the whole process you can simply 'sign out', the reason you are logged in at the moment is because the system is almost complete with your account creation. Cancel Registration - this reverses everything done thus far. This cannot be undone. Once you 'Cancel' your record will be purged from our systems. At this point, the email inbox you used to sign up to Humanastory has a new email inside of it. this email is our confirmation to check that the email account you set up with us is indeed valid. If you chose to continue, you need to confirm this email by going to your email account inbox and following the steps to confirm your email. Once you receive your validation email, from the email account you set up to use with our community, simply open that email letter that has been sent to you and click 'Validate My Email Address' button you will see within the letter.. Once you have validated your email account you have chosen to use with our community; you must wait to be contacted by a Humanastory Staff Member. Yes, we at Humanastory still do somethings old fashioned, we prefer a humanistic touch over the cold steel of machinery. Once you are reviewed and have been accepted, you will receive a final email letter in your email account inbox, you simply open said letter, as it contains your acceptance inside. This acceptance letter will have a button inside that you will see once you have opened the email letter sent to you, this button will read as follows: 'Go to Humanastory' simply click that button to enter the community! If for some reason the button does not work you can start by typing the following into your browser address bar; https://www.humanastory/index.html
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