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Welcome to Humanastory. A community created with one goal in mind - Human Companionship.

Our core belief is a simple one; everyone has a story, everyone is the story. Your experiences in life define who you are and what choices you will make.

What if you could share what you have learned from the experience with someone just beginning that same journey. What would you say to them?

We are the story of humanity, one person at a time.

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  2. About APA APA is the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States, with more than 118,000 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students as its members. Our Work Our mission is to promote the advancement, communication, and application of psychological science and knowledge to benefit society and improve lives. We do this by: Utilizing psychology to make a positive impact on critical societal issues. Elevating the public’s understanding of, regard for, and use of psychology. Preparing the discipline and profession of psychology for the future. Strengthening APA’s standing as an authoritative voice for psychology.
  3. In its most common form, we experience loneliness as a state that waxes and wanes. Perhaps we find ourselves in a new town after a job promotion, missing old friends. Perhaps we feel a brief pang when a moment reminds us of a loved one who is no longer with us. Yet, loneliness can also be a stable trait, as measured for instance in one study over a one-year period (Russell, 1996). Interventions aimed at reducing feelings of loneliness have been carried out for decades, and narrative reviews supported the view that several types of interventions have been successful, such as those aimed at improving social skills, changing social cognition, improving social support or increasing the opportunity for social contact (see Masi, Chen, Hawkley & Cacioppo, 2011). A meta-analysis confirmed that such interventions can be effective in reducing loneliness, particularly in studies based on single-group pre-post comparisons or on nonrandomized group comparisons (Masi et al., 2011). However, these designs are methodologically less rigorous than randomized group comparison studies, for which the effect was found to be statistically significant, yet too small to reduce loneliness to the level of healthy community-living adults. --- Miscellaneous Information --- How loneliness can make you sick WWW.APA.ORG Loneliness can cause depression, has been shown to predict cognitive decline and can lead to other illnesses and disorders that are...
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  5. Our Mission A better you starts with Smarter Health. The food and nutrition you provide your body affects the way you feel every day of your life. We understand this. That's why our mission is to be your go-to source for nootropics, mental health, and nutrition information. Let our medical experts help you look and feel your best in your daily pursuits. Highest Commitment to Quality Our website provides the most current, accurate, and evidence-based research available in the health and nutrition industry. Our team maintains the highest standards of medical integrity, citing only clinical studies from the industry's most trusted sources. These sources include PubMed, Wiley Online Library, BMC, ScienceDirect, Taylor & Francis Online, PNAS, RSC Publishing, and various other publications. Each article on our website has been thoroughly reviewed by a medical professional with intimate knowledge in the area of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Natural Medicine.
  6. Adderall. It’s a word that will either make you cringe or make you smile, depending on who you ask. The drug’s intended to be used as a prescription medication to treat ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and narcolepsy. Now, it’s become increasingly popular for its off-label use as a study aid and a quick fix for motivation problems. --- Miscellaneous Information --- 12 Best Adderall Alternatives: Natural Over the Counter ADHD Substitutes WWW.COGNITUNE.COM 12 best research-backed and time-tested natural Adderall alternatives. Achieve peak focus and clarity without the harsh side effects of Adderall.
  7. I been asking myself that question since i started the Chemo. I don't know who i'm asking, but it starts a verification in my mind going over all the things i've said and done to people through out my life. I feel like i understand people better, the way they act, what they say what they do and how they are going to feel when i say or do something with them. I understand why i did things wrong when i knew it wasn't right. Am i done yet? have i learned what i was supposed to learn ? I feel i have and its like i'm just waiting to die now. Does things just go dark? or do we float out our bodies and meet with someone thats going to explain to us why we had to go through all this crap. I was never rich, I have never met a truely happy rich person. I've had an apartment, a truck, my own business for years, i've lived in a tent for two years. I have always felt the same feelings... good at times... bad at times....always more interested in why other people do what they do. I found faults in people ( in my opinion ) and always thought.... why aren't they like me ?. Did i judge people and find things i didn't like, to make me feel better about myself? I am finally at a point nearing the end of my life, that it's not about what people think of me, and it's not about what i find wrong with other people. It's about Me learning how to get through this all. Why wasn't i told all this when i was a young kid ? and then i could have started with a better understanding how to live this life? maybe i was told but i chose not to listen to my parents because i always thought i knew or i would figure it out myself. I get 4-5 blood tests a month now, and they moved my MRI's to once a month instead of 6 months, and i will be starting my 3rd round of Chemo very soon. Why are the doctors trying to save me ? and why am i allowing this? I feel like i'm just laying here in bed daily doing nothing but waiting to die. I'm not really depressed ( in my opinion ) I just feel like i'm done! there's really left to study that will benefit me in the future. I'm just keeping myself busy so i don't go stir-crazy. I would never kill myself, that's just bailing out of this life because it's too hard to deal with. Ok i have delt with it, liked some things, disliked some things, learned alot of stuff. Am i done yet ?
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  9. Survivor’s guilt is something that people experience when they’ve survived a life-threatening situation and others might not have. It is commonly seen among Holocaust survivors, war veterans, lung-transplant recipients, airplane-crash survivors, and those who have lived through natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, and floods. --- Miscellaneous Information --- What Everybody Should Know About Survivor's Guilt WWW.PSYCHOLOGYTODAY.COM Have you ever felt bad when you survived a situation that others have not? Chances are you are experiencing survivor's guilt. Read here to find out...
  10. Founded out of Bree’s story of struggle and growth, Only Human exists because humans need one another. We provide a platform to help humans all over the world share their story, come together in solidarity and community, and do good. We are an inclusive organization that works to spread kindness, lift one another up, and inspire one another to be better. As we’ve traveled the country, we’ve realized that what most humans have in common is the struggle, and that’s perfectly okay. We provide a safe space to own that struggle and overcome it with the help of others.
  11. I fully agree with you Kristina, what happend to Love your neighbor and respect one another ? Did opinions become more important then friendship? Are people just so involved in their personal lives that other people just don't matter as much ? Family should matter more then anything as it always has. They come first....Iv'e lost my mother,father,two grampas,two grandmas,two half brothers in a 5 year period. i have two sisters that hate eachother, I only talk to one a few times a year. My family was never that close, so it's normal for me to not really feel love or closeness to anyone, but i like to be a joker and make other people i talk to, Laugh. Sometimes i see really old black n white movies where a family lives on a farm or something, and that life must have been really special. Jay
  12. Loneliness is a universal human experience that can affect us as badly as any physical ailment. As the new year commences, the faded hustle and bustle of the holidays can sometimes leave behind a sense of emptiness and isolation. So how can we overcome it? --- Miscellaneous Information --- Coping with loneliness: Ideas and strategies WWW.MEDICALNEWSTODAY.COM Loneliness is an epidemic and a major risk factor for premature death, recent research suggests. So what can we do to prevent and overcome it?
  13. At the American Cancer Society, we're on a mission to free the world from cancer. Until we do, we'll be funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. All so you can live longer — and better.
  14. At first, most people need some time to adjust to the fact that they have cancer. They need time to think about what’s most important in their lives and get support from loved ones. For many, this is an emotionally hard time. Feelings such as disbelief, shock, fear, and anger are all normal. These feelings use up a lot of mental energy. This can make it even harder to take in and understand all the medical information shared by the cancer care team. You’ll likely need some time to absorb and understand what your diagnosis and treatment options mean for you and your loved ones. --- Miscellaneous Information --- How do I cope? WWW.CANCER.ORG Taking in the news
  15. As a not-for-profit health care system, philanthropy touches every aspect of Sharp HealthCare and defines us as an organization. The three Foundations of Sharp HealthCare support the programs and services of our respected regional medical centers and specialty hospitals, enabling Sharp to provide the highest quality care for our patients. For nearly six decades, a vision of uncompromising medical excellence for San Diego has inspired countless donors to support Sharp HealthCare through our Foundations. In the last decade alone, benefactors have donated more than $155 million to bring innovations and improvements to Sharp HealthCare and help us touch more lives than any other health care provider in our community. Coronado Hospital Foundation enhances the current and future health care needs of Coronado residents, visitors and the surrounding community by supporting programs, services and equipment at Sharp Coronado Hospital. Learn more about giving opportunities at Sharp Coronado Hospital and how you can help. Grossmont Hospital Foundation enhances the current and future health care needs of the East County and San Diego communities through support of patient care, health education, clinical research and major capital projects at Sharp Grossmont Hospital and Sharp HospiceCare. Learn more about giving opportunities at Sharp Grossmont Hospital and giving opportunities at Sharp HospiceCare and how you can help. Sharp HealthCare Foundation enhances the current and future health care needs of San Diegans through support of critical medical services, clinical research and health education at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns, Sharp McDonald Center, Sharp Memorial Hospital, Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital and Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Centers. Learn more about giving opportunities at these medical centers and hospitals and how you can help.
  16. As a person nears the end of his or her life, it is difficult to know what to expect. Responsibilities of caregivers may differ based on where the person with cancer is receiving care. For example, providing care at home instead of a hospital or hospice facility may include more responsibilities for caregivers. Regardless of the situation, the health care team will provide the best care possible through the end of life. And, they will do everything possible to ensure that the person dying is comfortable. --- Miscellaneous Information --- Care Through the Final Days | Cancer.Net WWW.CANCER.NET As a person nears the end of his or her life, it is difficult to know what to expect. Responsibilities of caregivers may differ based on where the...
  17. Everybody's skin gets dry and a little flaky once in a while, and usually, it's easy to clear up—all it takes is applying lotion more frequently, switching soaps or laundry detergents, or avoiding common skin allergens like nickel and certain preservatives. But what if you've developed itchy, painful, rough patches of skin that just won't go away? You might have psoriasis. Learn more about what causes psoriasis, what it looks and feels like, how it's diagnosed, and your treatment options. --- Miscellaneous Information --- Everything You Need to Know About Living With Psoriasis WWW.PREVENTION.COM This chronic skin disease can strike any part of your body without warning—but it can be managed.
  18. My Father was so angry all the time with us kids, complained about meals my mother cooked, complained about Everything we did. I didn't have any friends growing up, and on the rare chance i did find someone that liked me, they where scared to come to my house because of the anger my father showed to every person he was around. I started out like my mother, very content, drug and alcohol free, and never cussed, Very nice old fashion perfect being. but the yelling and screaming and hated by my father made me feel like i was the one with the problem. When your young and vunerable you tend to find things that make you feel better, like other kids your age going through the same thing as you. I didn't realize i was choosing the wrong kids to befriend because we would all talk about the things that bothered us, and spread almost a hatered towards our parents. Is THIS where loneliness takes us ? hunting for other people that are making you feel better because you see its just not you going through something. After choosing other kids that made me feel confortable, I realized they were pulling me deeper into a mindset that i was not comfortable with. I tried to find different people that had a more possitive attitude, but i wasn't used to the love,kindness and caring that they where showing me. So after not being able to click with people, i just started doing my own things, electronics riding my bike alone, finding things that made me happy. Everyone in school had their own groups of others they would hang out with and do things together, and i wanted that closeness but didn't know how to act around all these happy people.It wasn't until i got much older (56 next month in april ) that i realized loneliness has made me step back and look where i was going while getting a better understanding how other people look at life and where moving on. Loneliness to me now is just being bored with myself. I volunteered at an animal shelter for awhile. That made me happy, I started learning another programming language and more about networking. THIS is fixing my loneliness, just doing things that i enjoy without any judgement from someone else. You may read this and think, thats pretty sad because YOU have many friends and you all go out to movies and dinner and text eachother. I'm happy for you all and have no jealousy towards you, and i want you to know at the same time, I am NOT sad because i had no friends, i've learned to just do what i do and make myself happy without input from other people. Can't remember where i heard this before, but someone said not to focus on making other people happy so they like you, but to focus on yourself and others will see that and will come to you.
  19. To aid and assist needy persons emigrating from Ireland to the United States, to improve the education and level of scholarship of those of Irish birth and lineage in the United States and in Ireland by scholarships and grants; to make contributions to other worthy charitable and religious organizations and causes; appropriately to record and memorialize the exploits of the Irish in the United States, in Ireland and elsewhere; to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the people of Ireland and the United States.
  20. Young men diagnosed with testicular cancer often worry that treating the disease may jeopardise their chances of having children, but new research should ease their minds. --- Miscellaneous Information --- Testicular cancer treatment doesn't always doom fertility | Health24 WWW.HEALTH24.COM Testicular cancer patients are often afraid of the risk of infertility caused by chemotherapeutic treatment. However, the findings of a new study...
  21. What is family to you? I think it is different for everyone. For me personally... family means you stick up for one another, you are there in the good and bad times, and always show support and respect for each other. All too often these days family does not relate back to blood. Most families are friends that have been in your life and show you love and respect when your blood relatives either don't want to make the time or they simply don't care enough to bother with anyone outside of themselves and their day to day lives. I do know there are families out there that do stay together, work together, live in harmony together and build each other up like they should... but from my perspective this seems to be fewer and far between these days and it is disheartening. Consider yourself lucky if you have parents that are still alive and together, where your siblings hang out with you all the time, and where your kids just want to be around you because they love you and enjoy your company, and when everyone gets together there are just hugs all around and good memories shared. I do consider myself lucky to have an amazing husband, two loving mothers, and a couple friends that I would consider family. But there are times when I think of the cliche "why can't we all just get along?" and wonder how everyone these days seems like a broken family and they are all distant from one another. Here's hoping that some day the selfishness will fade, the judgement will cease, and all that remains will be love. HUGS to all that read this... because everyone deserves a hug and to feel appreciated and loved like family.
  22. In all my years I have never known a church to go out of their way to help their own community; all to often we see churches help 'other countries' rather than their own community. What this church did blew everyone's mind and has earned a personal testimonial from us. The vision of Santee United Methodist Church is to be a community in Christ that reaches out, accepts all people, and transforms lives. Our goal is to be a church with a purpose, not just a church with programs. Everything we do as a church should be inspired by and measured by knowing the answer to why we exist. We want all people who come to Santee UMC to build a relationship with God and others in order to experience God’s grace and mercy, and let that grace transform, liberate, and give individuals new life so the world can know the peace and justice of Christ.
  23. WebMD has created an organization that we believe fulfills the promise of health information on the Internet. We provide credible information, supportive communities, and in-depth reference material about health subjects that matter to you. We are a source for original and timely health information as well as material from well known content providers. The WebMD content staff blends award-winning expertise in journalism, content creation, community services, expert commentary, and medical review to give our users a variety of ways to find what they are looking for. And that, we believe, requires dedicated, full-time staff professionals with state-of-the-art expertise in: Health news for the public Creating and maintaining up-to-date medical reference content databases Medical imagery, graphics, and animation Communities Live web events User experience Interactive tools
  24. Do you know the common depression symptoms? Do you know about different types of depression? Learn more about depression so you can talk openly with your doctor. Find out the warning signs of more serious depression problems so you can prevent depression complications. --- Miscellaneous Information --- Depression Symptoms, Warning Signs, Types, and Complications WWW.WEBMD.COM Learn more about the symptoms of depression, depression types, major depression chronic and atypical depression, and more.
  25. The doctor recently told me that I have paoriasis. One of the worst things about this auto immune disease is the itch. Is there any home remedies out there that have been tried and tested, and actually does work?
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    I never really felt comfortable recieving Sympathy. I've never needed it, but yet i felt it was my duty to liston to other peoples stories without preparing for what i was going to say before they finished speaking. i would focus on their story with no opinion until their story was complete. It was something that my neurologist would do when i was talking to him about my cancer. It was something that made me feel comfortable telling him how i was feeling, knowing he was listening to every word i said. When i finished speaking, there would be a pause while he was thinking what to respond with. It was so professional and likeable and i felt it was something that i wanted to add to my life. So i have Sympathy for people yet i don't want it from other people, it's embarrasing! it makes me feel lower then the person i'm talking to. It's not comfortable, But there is this calmness and trust type of feeling that seems to be pre programmed in my soul that makes everything feel better. Every time i re read this, it's like i'm ping ponging back and forth, is it good? is it bad? I think the best way to understand this is... I will except it as a good feeling with no words or judgements.
  27. I would say both - the technology is the trigger factor, the addiction is the symptom. And yes, the youth in the UK are out of control - personally, I would go as far as to say that when they go into school they should brick the doors up and keep them there until they are fit to be let loose in society. The most recent issue in my own neighbourhood (UK English spelling lol) is that youths are knocking on the doors of elderly people they have sussed out who live alone and when they answer the door they push passed them and steal whatever they want; so far no one has been physically injured, but the psychological effects and trauma take their toll. Nothing is ever done to them if they are caught so even the justice system is crap. Anyhow, this is detracting from the topic somewhat, the youth of today have far too much influence on technology and how it is used and that creates the problem of loneliness through the lack of real world interactivity. I doubt there is an easy solution to this because the addiction is worldly universal and not just in the teens youth but also in the 20somthings and 30somethings et al.
  28. You do have me here, I have seen reports of this issue from your media; your countries youth seems out of control these days; I mean we get reports of elderly being beat down in places such as 'London', you know those famous places that people go to do touristy things, those places people once thought were peaceful and enjoyed going to them. Damn, you do have a point with the 'screen in face', just yesterday, and this makes me feel old - but, just yesterday we're driving down the road. We stop at a light. The woman (younger), pulls up next to us and I remember looking over, her face immediately went down; so either she had something REAL interesting on her lap; or she was on her mobile phone. I mean they just can't stop using them. I did hear somewhere, if you check your phone more than X number of times in a day; EVEN when it doesn't ring, you've got an addiction (support group inserted). So I would have to ask, do you believe it is the technology or is it the addiction making them lonely?
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