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Kristina Klein


What is family to you? I think it is different for everyone. For me personally... family means you stick up for one another, you are there in the good and bad times, and always show support and respect for each other. All too often these days family does not relate back to blood. Most families are friends that have been in your life and show you love and respect when your blood relatives either don't want to make the time or they simply don't care enough to bother with anyone outside of themselves and their day to day lives. I do know there are families out there that do stay together, work together, live in harmony together and build each other up like they should... but from my perspective this seems to be fewer and far between these days and it is disheartening. 

Consider yourself lucky if you have parents that are still alive and together, where your siblings hang out with you all the time, and where your kids just want to be around you because they love you and enjoy your company, and when everyone gets together there are just hugs all around and good memories shared. 

I do consider myself lucky to have an amazing husband, two loving mothers, and a couple friends that I would consider family. 

But there are times when I think of the cliche "why can't we all just get along?" and wonder how everyone these days seems like a broken family and they are all distant from one another. 

Here's hoping that some day the selfishness will fade, the judgement will cease, and all that remains will be love. 

HUGS to all that read this... because everyone deserves a hug and to feel appreciated and loved like family.


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I fully agree with you Kristina, what happend to Love your neighbor and respect one another ? Did opinions become more important then friendship? Are people just so involved in their personal lives that other people just don't matter as much ?  Family should matter more then anything as it always has. They come first....Iv'e lost my mother,father,two grampas,two grandmas,two half brothers in a 5 year period. i have two sisters that hate eachother, I only talk to one a few times a year. My family was never that close, so it's normal for me to not really feel love or closeness to anyone, but i like to be a joker and make other people i talk to, Laugh. Sometimes i see really old black n white movies where a family lives on a farm or something, and that life must have been really special.


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