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Brian Klein Brian Klein

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Brian Klein Brian Klein

That Perplexing Little Bugger (Life)

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Brian Klein


I am reminded constantly of how life can play those little games on a person's life. I would be lying if I did not, at times, think it had absolutely no affect on me in some way or another. Particularly today while I was at the senior luncheon with my mother whom didn't want to go alone to this function, she felt isolated at this, her first senior function in the new senior citizen mobile home park. 

As we were at this function, talking and enjoying our Thanksgiving meal, when two of the other seniors within the senior lunch had fallen trying to get to their seats, literally one right after another. Being the only person there with medical training (being a medic) I helped them to their feet and checked them both out; but during the process of making sure these two individuals were okay, for some reason unknown to me. I got to thinking of our neighbor whom is bed ridden and now in the care of hospice; this just after a person whom I called brother died in the hands of hospice, nay, one year ago, in the very house my mother now lives. 

After the lunch and dropping my mother off at home, I went to see our neighbor in her home next door, just seeing her face light up when my wife and I entered the house. This got me thinking on how the older a person gets, the more frail they become. Moreover, the more isolated they become from society and family; as if they are just trash to be discarded. I began to think of my own mother and how lonely she must feel from time to time and why I chose to care for her in the home my wife and I gave her from that friend that passed.

Live, Love Laugh (A lot). Time is short on this little blue rock, let the person you are happy with, know that you are happy; do something nice for them. If you do not have someone you are close to, talk with a stranger; just sit down and begin by saying those little words; "Hi, how are you?"

Just know you're not alone and if you ever feel the way I did today please feel free to contact me, I'll chat with you. Remember, there is so much to look forward to. Even the best of us get down from time to time.

- Brian

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