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Thoughts on Success

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Brian Klein


Success, I’ve been thinking a lot on how this little word applies to the real world and if it is worth actually spending the time talking about – let alone trying to obtain. I can’t say that I know anyone who is, in what some would call ‘modern’ terms, actually successful; and what I can see from those that are actually successful – it doesn’t seem they are happy about being where they are in life, so why bother. Just simply turn on any news broadcast and there are mounds and mounds of reporters going on about the drama unfolding.

I wanted to look into financial, but noticed most people who are successful in finances; lack in the family arena, sure some will say that they are both financial and successful – but, quietly they know they jest or lie, just watch them alone when they are alone wiping the steam off of a mirror and ask them what they see staring at their own reflection, that blank look as their reflection stares back at them.

I have a brother who worked hard his whole life, and yes he is one of my favorites in my family – a rare person indeed. All throughout my childhood I wanted to be like him; strong and fierce; hell, he even held down a job most would say is a courageous goal in life and one that should be honored because of that; a dedicated cop – but I barely know him, and know even less about how he lives, because he was never around; one of the other relatives would often call him the ‘half time brother’ - To me he is just as much a stranger as the man staring at me in the dark corner of the café. Did I mention; that brother has two children that barely know him. It seemed that brother, in his chase for financial gain; sold his family out as the price, who then picks the pieces up.

This got me looking at family, and what I saw was those who created families to fill this void, got destroyed by the very act of doing it as well. I honest believe most families are inherently evil in their ways of abuse and morals; these people excuse their behavior and justify what they do by making the family member they do it to feel morally wrong to gain what they themselves want;

Take for example my own sisters pushing our mother down to a point of making our mother cry endlessly to get their own selfish ways.  Or the abuse that comes from when my second brother comes over to my home just to insult me and leave, literally.

I speak from experience on so many levels here, and even I don’t know how to answer this enigma other than saying; family can be the worst enemies a person can have. The mental abuse of a family is insane.

But I digress, that a person still – even knowing this still would create a family to feel loved. That extension of love extends to even friends; most people whom have so many friends only live a shallow and hollow existences, and it reflects like a mirror on to them; just look at anyone who has a lot of people they know. Let their actions towards you express their actual feelings.

I can further this by stating they don’t really know their ‘friends’. If it isn’t money or friends what is it then?

I am reminded thinking about this that when we are born, we are born with nothing – no cloths, no friends, and no understanding of family or the world around us. Race doesn’t enter into a child’s mind and that somehow we influence every aspect of this; from Black Lives Matter to the KKK to SJW’s – We are the ones that need change, each individual person is responsible for their own actions, period.

It begins and stops with me – with that said; I noticed success is measured in happiness, how successful are you?

- Brian

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