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Changing Perspectives

Brian Klein


There are events in our very own lives that help guide us along in our ongoing journeys, This was one such event in my life that I will never forget.

In what ways do you think you need to grow and change? I ran across this question by complete happenstance, I didn’t even really click anything, I was watching a YouTube video, and a rather comical one to boot – when for some, unknown, strange reason, the question was in the video after the one I was watching on auto play. Now, at that moment, I remember thinking – “It is amazing how life throws those curveballs at you.”

Anyways, when I was watching this video – the ironic thing is that my mind begun to think about the strangest damn thing; a really close friend, I called brother – Mark Ehmke. Now Mr. Ehmke passed almost 1 year ago, but this is a story for another time.

Now this video I was watching made me remember an event that took place literally 3 days ago and this video was about how to handle narcissistic people – Which ironically enough, had nothing to do with the line of thinking or mood I got into, because of the video;

The event I am referring to was in business called cox cable (our cable provider’s offices), I was getting ready to finally switch the cable into my name from his, I was holding his death certificate with me to do this; when the words ‘Hello, Mr. Ehmke, how are you doing today, how can we help you.’ Came from a clerk’s mouth – she wasn’t rude, or mean in any way, in fact her voice was quite pleasant, I just remember breaking down and crying, literally like a baby, and I mean the mere mention of his name was all it took. I don’t know where it came from, or why. I was happy with his passing, he died telling me Literally “I Love you, kiddo. Thank you for taking care of me.” Were the last words 20 minutes before he died. I will never forget that moment in my life when a man with only ‘11’ words changed my life forever with a smile on his deathbed. I remembered we’re all human, we all make mistakes in life, it isn’t an excuse for bad behavior, but rather a reason for why it happens, some are smart enough to put it all together, while others aren’t – but that is where patience comes in from those who understand.

I am reminded of how fragile life really is, and wish those who are mean to one another could understand the frailty in which they live. Color and race had nothing to do with this man’s thoughts to me, just living in his moment, final moment.

If those who were mean could understand this, they might take a look in a mirror and say the words they use on others, to themselves, understanding that hurt. And hopefully, at some point in the future, use the words ‘In what ways do I think I need to grow and change?” But what do I know, I’m just an ordinary man with an ordinary thought.

... this is what Brian thinks, what are your Thoughts?

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