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Ten Romantic Things We Hardly Do Anymore.

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Brian Klein


(Well okay, there's 9, but two bullet points under No. 5 - so; yeah, technically there's 11; a +1 bonus!)

There is a lot of things that we feel people today have seemed to have lost, that our grandparents learned about dating.

Here are ten of those things;

  1. Walking to the door when you pick someone up.
  2. Going out of your way to dress 'Professionally Nice' for that romantic date, I.E. Men in business suits, Women in evening dresses.
  3. Bringing flowers or other tokens of affection to the first date.
  4. Going dancing (That is not grinding on a dingy grimy club floor.)
  5. Straight forwardly asking someone on a steady relationship, not claiming it is 'Just hanging out.'
    1. Additionally, being extremely clear when you are 'dating' and not just leading people along.
    2. Even further, when dating one person, not dating more than one.
  6. Romantic gestures like, writing poems and  or letters to one another.
  7. Turning all electronics off and just being with one another.
  8. The  general concept of asking permission to do things.
  9. Not assuming sex is to be given at any point and time.


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