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Hello Friends, My name is Jay DeMello. I am Swedish,Danish and Portuguese, I guess in dog terms, i am a MUT lol. I had a handyman business for over 12 years but had to stop because of really bad headaches and dizziness. I had a cat scan and they found astrocytoma brain cancer. It's been growing very slowly for the last 7 years, but after my last MRI they said its growing again. I'm not worried because i feel fine right now and i've had a very amazing life into which i've learned so much and have met so many great people. I went through the whole depression thing, but that got boring and all i want to do now is just keep learning and keep meeting new people. I like to joke around with people and make them laugh. I like Music,Electronics,New Tech stuff and like to see how everythings been changing throughout my lifetime. I am excited to meet more people that i can absorb more goodness from to make me even a better person. you will always learn from people good or bad and decide what you want to keep or throw away. We are only what we make ourselves to be. The only way i let people influence me is if they have something i like and want to be. I look forward to meeting everyone on here and hearing a little bit about you.

Hope to hear from you soon !


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What Is life about ?

What is life really about ? I believe in a higher power, our creator, God. I've always wondered why our souls seem to be stuck in these bodies in a world with so much bias and hate. We get judged by people that have their own opinions and seem to be set in their ways. We give our own opinions to other people with the intention of helping them out, but at times turns into an argument. What is the meaning of growing up and learning from other people and forming opinions that may clash with people we never met? This can sometimes create jealousy and/or hatred. In my personal opinion, i believe we where put here to balance our life and teach our souls of good and bad and where given the choice to chose. I find in people many things i like, and it is my choice to absorb the goodness in others to help purify my soul. Once my soul is pure light and energy, i can leave this shell behind and merge with the love of the universe and become one. This is My opinion and what i feel i've learned. I would love to hear other opinions because i will never stop learning ! jay  

Jay Demello

Jay Demello


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