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About this journal

A Journal of Humanastory Updates, posted by our Administrators and Staff


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[02.19.19] - Coding, Repair, Circles Changes

[Update 05]  Our 4.4 upgrade is here, at some point during the week/weekend, we will go offline to begin processing our updates, these updates are vital to keep the site safe and running smoothly. but no worries, we will send out a message before beginning our updates, these updates will take about a day to complete and the site should be back up in no time   --- [UPDATE 04] We are in the process of updating the tagging system of the site. --- [UPDATE 03] There will be a process at some point to change 'circles' to 'Support Groups' as we feel the term better fits what our end game goals are. --- [UPDATE 02] Oh, and I've done nothing but flag hunt all day, realigning all the flags today as I noticed they were ALL off. There is nothing like CSS coding (do you feel the sarcasm). --- [UPDATE 01] As you all are fully aware by now, we haven't been doing shows due to a major equipment malfunction; those that could, helped us in the cost of repairs, those that couldn't help with the repair costs, helped in so many other ways. We are now just waiting for the part we ordered - once said part comes to us we will begin the rigorous process of setting all the equipment and then testing it. Thank you all for your effort. Check back to this page for updates on the repair effort's progress.

Brian Klein

Brian Klein

[2.01.19] Something Exciting

We are in the process of creating something extremely exciting for 2019. We are updating Humanastory, this new update will bring many improvements and a few new features that will hopefully tickle you in the right places and make you smile.  There's no defined date for the release, but it will be soon.  Of course we will have to wait until the third party developers whose addons we use to spice things up a bit are also updated to fit in with the new version. We will let you know when this update is about to happen as the site will need to go offline whilst the update is initiated, but it will (we hope lol) be less than an hour.  Keep watching this blog for further updates. --- A fresh new look, a fresh new year! We are joining up with 'Lonely People' in our first affiliation (more importantly, our sister site in the U.K.). Dave Cobbledick at Lonely People is an amazing man we all can learn from; he was elated when he discovered Humanastory; with his help we usher in 2019 with a better understanding of  the world around us and cannot wait to share it with you. Dave is now one of the co-hosts  from our shows. Be sure to send him love. ---

Brian Klein

Brian Klein

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