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    Our 4.4 upgrade is here, at some point during the week/weekend, we will go offline to begin processing our updates, these updates are vital to keep the site safe and running smoothly. but no worries, we will send out a message before beginning our updates, these updates will take about a day to complete and the site should be back up in no time  


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    We are in the process of updating the tagging system of the site.


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    There will be a process at some point to change 'circles' to 'Support Groups' as we feel the term better fits what our end game goals are.


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    Oh, and I've done nothing but flag hunt all day, realigning all the flags today as I noticed they were ALL off. There is nothing like CSS coding (do you feel the sarcasm).


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    As you all are fully aware by now, we haven't been doing shows due to a major equipment malfunction; those that could, helped us in the cost of repairs, those that couldn't help with the repair costs, helped in so many other ways. We are now just waiting for the part we ordered - once said part comes to us we will begin the rigorous process of setting all the equipment and then testing it. Thank you all for your effort.

    Check back to this page for updates on the repair effort's progress.

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    What is life really about ? I believe in a higher power, our creator, God. I've always wondered why our souls seem to be stuck in these bodies in a world with so much bias and hate. We get judged by people that have their own opinions and seem to be set in their ways. We give our own opinions to other people with the intention of helping them out, but at times turns into an argument. What is the meaning of growing up and learning from other people and forming opinions that may clash with people we never met? This can sometimes create jealousy and/or hatred. In my personal opinion, i believe we where put here to balance our life and teach our souls of good and bad and where given the choice to chose. I find in people many things i like, and it is my choice to absorb the goodness in others to help purify my soul. Once my soul is pure light and energy, i can leave this shell behind and merge with the love of the universe and become one.

    This is My opinion and what i feel i've learned. I would love to hear other opinions because i will never stop learning !



  2. I am reminded of that momentariness of the journey, that lonely walk; we all will take at some point in our lives. I am reminded of this perversion of life, on a daily basis. Most people will never experience the daily reminder of how precious they really are, or how life really is - this amazing journey through what can only be described as the cavern of time and space.

    Today we send our love and respect to Helen Taft, the loss of a monument of experience, and life; an elderly woman not known to many, but she affected everyone who had the pleasure to meet and get to know her intimately, in some way. To me, she was a pillar of life; I will remember her laugh most of all. The laugh of an angel who endured life and kept on, keeping on, rest well Helen.

    Not two days ago her son came to me requesting I speak with my connections in getting her into Hospice. I knew, at that point, it was only days. She was well aware of her cancer, and by now, this being the fourth fight with, her demon, cancer; by now she was exhausted from the fight, having gone to her house to make sure the request asked of me, was indeed, the one she wanted, I watched as she had a hard time gasping between breaths. I won't claim to understand her thoughts, but I do understand her plight, having had this monster twice myself by 18, and don't get me wrong; I question why i am even alive on a daily basis, because even I should not be here.

    If I could relay just one message to anyone who hears or sees the daily content we provide it would be that while you sit here reading this entry - Think on the positive nature of life and remember that life is to be cherished. And for the love of all that is alive; Live, love, laugh (A lot) and, know you are loved. This life is short, and you are here only the blink of an eye, understand this well.

    Remember to reflect on your own timeline. What have you done to improve yourself in the eyes of others? It is their memories of you that will endure the passage of time. It is how you lived that will reflect on how people remember you.

    Helen you will be missed, but may Mark escort you to peace, the relaxing adventure awaits. You both are greatly missed.

    On a small side note I would like to throw in the Suicide Prevention information in the Sources, having only heard of this today, a gentleman a few days back, shot himself in desperation and had no one to talk to. Remember these feelings are only temporary. George, may your soul find peace.

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