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    Brian Klein

    Humanastory welcomes articles to be published on this website. We prefer articles that bring to light facts not generally known, or that offer novel perspective. Simply follow these two steps.

    1. Be sure to read over our Writer's Guide before actually writing an article for us.
    2. Be sure to fill out our 'Article Form' completely. Located here.

    If accepted, your work will appear in our Official Inspiration section. Located here. Keep in mind we do reserve the right to dismiss articles if we feel they don't adhere to Humanastory's mission statement.

    Understand the following:

    Once you submit your article, you are giving us (Humanastory) 100% Legal rights to use the story for profit, gain, or whatever other manners we (Humanastory) see fit without gain to you. Furthermore, you are giving the story to us as is. There need be no continued permission when using this article for our gain in anyway. In other words, what you send us, we can use however we want having been granted permission period. Humanastory does not have to accept work under any circumstances, furthermore, humanastory does not have to respond with a denial acknowledgement at any time or in any way. If we accept it, it will be placed up in our Official Inspiration Section.


    Edited by Brian Klein

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