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    Brian Klein

    Share Your Story With Us Today

    The tale of one's journey can have profound and amazing changes in another's life, we often think our lives are meaningless, and boring - yet we look at others with amazement. At Humanastory we believe by sharing your story, your amazing journey, you could change another person's way of thinking for the better, perhaps, in doing this small act; you've already begun transforming yourself to a higher level of awareness - to see how you've overcome such odds in life does inspire people. Every single person has that one event in their life that shaped who they are today, we believe your life changing moment could help someone going through the same situation, the difference here is, you overcame yours and  they are learning from you. We'd love to know you.

    Submitting your event will be a two step process. You do not have to be a member of our community to submit!

    Step 1: There are 3 ways to submit your event;

    (Using Contact Us Form) Send through our Contact us Form:

    Simply click here to begin.

    • Be sure to  give us your First and Last Name so we know who to credit for this story (If you don't want to display your real name, use 'Anonymous')

    (Using Electronic Mail) Send through our E-Mail:

    • Send us an email with the title heading ' My Story Submission ' to submissions@humanastory.com
    • Be sure to  give us your First and Last Name so we know who to credit for this story (If you don't want to display your real name, use 'Anonymous')

    (Through Snail Mail) Send through our P.O. Box (Postal Service):

    • Send us a mail with the title heading ' My Story Submission ' to
      • Humanastory Submissions - P.O. Box 712151, Santee CA, 92072-2151 
    • Be sure to  give us your First and Last Name so we know who to credit for this story (If you don't want to display your real name, use 'Anonymous')
    Small side-note:
    If you are submitting your event, you will need to acknowledge a few understandings.
    Once you submit your story, you are giving us (Humanastory) 100% Legal rights to use the story for profit, gain, or whatever other manners we (Humanastory) see fit. You are giving the story to us as is. There need be no continued permission when using this story for our gain in anyway. In other words, what you send us, we can use however we want having been granted permission period.
    Step 2: The Posting Process:
    Finally we post your event up on the site, we do this because we want to make it official as well as allow people the access to read your journey of life! Once reviewed, you are automatically entered into the random drawing of prizes for your event submission. There is no work required on your part for this.
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    Here are some helpful links we would like to share in helping you build your event.
    • This link will help guide the process as you move along in your story and forming your thoughts

    • Submit your event by clicking this link. (You will need to be logged in for this.)

    • All event authors have a chance of being interviewed by our Radio Host

    Legend: The word 'Event', means 'Story'

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    • May 7th 1990 seemed like any other day but my state of mind wasn’t good. I was smoking weed, drinking and not wanting to attend school. I had this evil streak in me. I was so angry, and because I was hurting I wanted to hurt others. That evening some friends called for me and told me not to bring my gun which I assumed was because they didn’t want me to get arrested. I thought they cared for me but in fact they had a plan to have me killed. They were trying to teach me a lesson for being too confident. One bullet hit me in the spine and paralyzed me instantly. I remember yelling, ‘I got shot…I got hit’. I knew something was terribly wrong. With that one bullet the cycle of harm came back to haunt me because six months prior to this shooting I had shot a kid over drugs and now it was happening to me. I could hear the Police and I could hear neighbours gathering and saying ‘he’s dying’. All I wanted was my mother. I wanted to be held and not die with my entire community staring at me. It was so strange because at the same time as feeling all this fear I could also literally feel evil leaving my body. I had been this angry person who wanted to hurt people but as soon as I hit the ground there was no anger left. That tough kid just vanished. I spent six months in hospital and that was where the real paradigm shift happened. I had plenty of time to look at my life and I realised that I had hated everyone - my mom’s boyfriend for being a violent alcoholic, my mother for not walking away from him, and my dad for not saving me. And of course I hated myself too. I’d been a kid with a loving family and a good environment but had chosen to embrace anger and hate. It was my mom who told me that my spine would never repair. I was sitting in my wheelchair and as she told me she handed me a Bible. “I think this may help” she said. I thought she was mad but I read it anyway and learnt about forgiveness. When I left hospital I was home schooled, I went to physical therapy three times a week, and was with my mom constantly. We really connected during that time. She lived in this world of denial, always believing I could go to college and live a great life. That’s one reason why I am where I am today. She got me to never believe that I was disabled. I wanted to be an investment banker but in college I lost my way because of the temptation of weed, alcohol and women. I skipped class and eventually was put on academic probation. I knew I was screwing my life up and my mother told me to ask God what I was supposed to do. The very next day I got a call asking me for the first time to tell my story to kids teaching violence prevention. I realised then that this was what I wanted to do with my life. Helping others became my healing. Forgiveness began in the hospital. As my friends were seeking blood in revenge, I’d tell them to let it go because I knew that violence wasn’t the answer. Later, I was asked by Breaking the Cycle to talk in schools about forgiveness. At first the words sounded so strange in front of inner city kids but I knew Ghandi and Martin Luther King had both talked about forgiveness and so they became my mentors. The more I understood what they had said about the power of forgiveness the more I knew it was my path. Nowadays when I talk about drugs and gun control to young people I always talk about forgiveness too. I always tell them that forgiveness is extremely difficult. It takes more courage to be non-violent and forgiving than to be violent. I also tell them that what happened when I was 15 taught me that hating turns you into a hateful person. I hated violent, abusive people and so I became violent and abusive. I hated bullies and so I became a bully. Hate holds on to you whereas forgiveness frees you, and if you want to forgive others, then first you need to learn to forgive yourself. Our family was destroyed by the murders of three people in one night – my sister-in-law Connie and my two nephews Allen and Bobby, 16 and 14 – cut down by the hatchet of a madman. It was obscene, painful, heart shattering. At the time I could never have known this tragedy would be a call to love. - Hashim Garrett  
    • [ This show: In Progress. ] However, you can still post your thoughts on the particular subject that has been presented here. Comments made after the show might still be read on the next current show, as we review daily. Comments made during the show will be read on air. Humanastory! Listen Live Presents - Coffee With Humanastory Hosts: Brian Klein / Co-Hosts: Kristina Klein, Marilyn Sly
      Runtime: 44:21 44.21 MIN SP Guest: None "Coffee with Humanastory!", is the official Humanastory Live shows involving a no scripted conversation and interaction with our humanastorians. Theme of the day: Fantastic Friday 041 / Time Honored Question of the day: If you could, would you live in 'Medieval' times or 'Modern' times? You can download the full audio: Here. Please Note: Hosts and Co-Hosts may use this main thread to answer this shows official questions. If you have some information to provide and want it done so, live; present your information below. Editorial Notes: Happy Thoughts! Live, Love, Laugh (A Lot) Today's Show Minutes From Last Show On This Day Current Events Comment Read Traveling With Humanastory Tidbits Image of the Day  Polls Thoughts on our Question of the Day Submitted Story Thoughts on Story Miscellaneous Source Links: Red Mercuri | 10 Facts about Executioners | http://bit.ly/2o8SYuX Wikipedia | Medieval Period | http://bit.ly/2o1S6ZS Minutes From Last Show: CWH Episode 82 | https://community.humanastory.com/topic/732-e082-moral-obligations/ On This Day | JAN 011th 1840 American Charles Wilkes discovers Shackleton Ice Shelf, Antarctica. 1923 Howard Carter opens the inner burial chamber of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb and finds the sarcophagus Current Event: Trumps Gas Tax | Freedom Toon | https://youtu.be/iMs_3_WOjP0  Purposed to raise gas tax by 25 cents, currently at 18 cents. Parkland Florida School Shooting | Fox News | https://youtu.be/lcujFHL-sOw Death Toll 17, Exceeded Columbine. Our Comment Read: Comments are taken from across the website and any of our social media outlets  Traveling With Humanastory We await a submission to explore. Humanastory Tantalizing Tidbits of Information: (Tweet us yours @humanastory) You can buy eel flavored ice cream in Japan. It's considered rude to write in red ink in Portugal. A cats tail contains nearly 10 % of all the bones in its body. The Nile crocodile can hold its breath under water for 2 hours while waiting for prey. Jelly fish, or Jellies are not fish. They have no brain, no heart, and no bones. People reportedly prefer blue toothbrushes over red ones. Some people used to believe that kissing a donkey could relieve a toothache. Humanastory Polls: Current Poll Goes Here Image of the Day: Submitted Story: Unexpected Changes | Story Submission | https://community.humanastory.com/topic/734-unexpected-changes/ Thanks and Credits: Michael John Doug Clevinger We're 100% Funded by listeners like you consider pledging or contributing a one time contribution: Support Humanastory, keep us strong by clicking here.
    • When we were told that our daughter had been murdered, it was just such an unbelievable thing. I stood there in shock, watching the color drain from my husband’s face. We had shared so many happy times together, and our son-in-law was not the violent type. We flew to Florida and brought our two young granddaughters back to Augusta for the funeral. We never asked the children anything but one of them said, “daddy hit mommy.” The prosecutor described it as a crime of passion, and assured us he’d call the minute Eugene went before the judge, but we heard nothing. Six months later we discovered that Eugene had been sentenced to just one year probation and was back home looking after the children. His mother had money and had used her influence to help him. I don’t resent her – if I had money I would have done the same for my son. I tried to stay in contact with my granddaughters, but my letters and presents were never acknowledged. Finally, after 18 years, I went to Florida to visit them. I must say, Eugene had done a good job in raising them and it was an extremely happy occasion, but sadly I never heard from them again after that. Joyce’s death broke us as a family. My husband, like my older son Roy, never talked about it, while I became totally wrapped up in my own little woven nest. My younger son Jerry was the most hurt. “Mother,” he said, “if you’d taken me to Florida I would have killed Eugene, because he killed a part of me”. Jerry had been happily married for 17 years when he decided he’d fallen in love with a 22-year-old girl. His wife was heartbroken, and I was upset and angry, but he wouldn’t listen to us. He got a divorce and married the girl, but things didn’t work out and when they ran into financial difficulties his new wife walked out on him. Alone and with no money, he moved in with a boy who took drugs and had a record as long as your arm. One day Jerry came to my work. We said hello but I was still angry and didn’t ask if he wanted to talk. I thought, “If you’re going through a hard time, then good, because now you’re being punished for what you did.” To this day I’ll never forgive myself for not reaching out to him. A few days later Jerry took a gun and went with his friend to a convenience store where he shot a man dead. I’ll never know why he did it, but I’m certain he was thinking of his brother-in-law when he pulled the trigger. The following day, the two of them went to visit their roof contractor boss and Jerry’s friend shot and killed the poor man. After that Jerry alerted the police. He told me later, “I was very much afraid the killing would have continued”. My son strongly regretted what he’d done and felt he deserved to die, but when he called from prison to say he’d been served his execution date, I just about lost it. I was glad my husband was now no longer alive: he couldn’t have borne the pain. Jerry didn’t want me to witness the execution but I fought tooth and nail to be there. I couldn’t let him die in front of a room full of strangers. There were just two of us watching – myself and a relative of the roof contractor. The wife of Jerry’s victim wasn’t there, and I would say she’s the most sympathetic person I’ve ever known. She never publicly denounced what my son did, nor did she ever call for his execution. Just before the lethal injection, Jerry turned to take a good long look at me and then blew me a kiss. After that he closed his eyes and I watched the blood drain from his face. I don’t know what could be harder than watching your son die like that. A mother does not see a 30, 40, 50-year-old man strapped to that cross-like gurney. She sees the child she gave birth to, the child that in her eyes never grew up. I deeply resent a government that kills its own citizens – its own children. It still feels so raw and so painful, and yet I feel no hatred or blame – neither for Eugene nor for those who killed my son. My anger is entirely directed towards myself for turning my back on my son when he needed me most. - Celia McWee (Laid to Rest; February 14th, 2011)
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