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    Share Your Story With Us

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    Share Your Story With Us Today

    Every single person has that one event in their life that shaped who they are today, we believe your life changing moment could help someone going through the same situation, the difference here is, you overcame yours and  they are learning from you. We'd love to know you.

    The tale of one's journey can have profound and amazing changes in another person's life, we often think our lives are meaningless, and boring - yet we look at others with amazement.

    At Humanastory we believe by sharing your story, your amazing journey, you could change another person's way of thinking for the better, perhaps, in doing this small act; you've already begun transforming yourself to a higher level of awareness - to see how you've overcome such odds in life does inspire people.

    Submitting your story will be a two step process!

    Step 1: There are 2 ways to submit your story;

    (Using Electronic Mail) Send through our E-Mail:

    Submitting Normally:

    • Send us an email with the title heading ' My Story Submission ' to submissions@humanastory.com.
    • If you are looking to mask your name please let us know you'd like this to be shared 'anonymously'.
    • Give a short summary of your story (250 words or less) in the body of your E-mail.
    • Your submission must be pre-typed using a word editor and the word file must be attached to the email.
      • Only accepted files types with the E-mail will be [ .DOC / .DOCX ] all others will be ignored.

    (Through Snail Mail) Send through our P.O. Box (Postal Service):

    • Type that bad boy out on your device and print it on copy paper! or use good ol' pen and lined paper!
    • Send us a mail with the title heading ' My Story Submission ' to
      • Humanastory Submissions - P.O. Box 712151, Santee CA, 92072-2151 
    • Be sure to  give us your First and Last Name so we know who to credit for this story (or be sure to let us know you wish it to be anonymous).

    Step 2: The Posting Process:

    Finally we post your story up on the site, we do this because we want to make it official as well as allow people the access to read your journey of life! Once reviewed, you are automatically entered into the random drawing of prizes for your story submission. There is no work required on your part for this.

    image.pngHere are some helpful links we would like to share in helping you build your story.

    • This link will help guide the process as you move along in your story and forming your thoughts
    • All authors have a chance of being interviewed by our Radio Host.

    Legal Notice:

    •  Anyone can submit their story to share, however, a completed consent form must be completed and emailed (or mailed) back to us for any 'Open Conversation' we hold (for legality purposes). Please take a moment to read our legal notice before proceeding any further.

    Edited by Brian Klein

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