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    Brian Klein

    Last Updated 10.SEPT.2018



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    • Thank you for adding that story for me Brian - it gives me comfort to know that the story has been told for others to view.
    • We all know that from the moment we are born into this world that we are dying.  It's an inevitable process of human life that we can only go on for so many years.  We often like to believe that we are invulnerable and can do anything we want whenever we want.  Sometimes life has different plans and ideas of what will become of us. Whilst we can be sure of our demise one day, we never really know, or even think about, when that time will come. Bereavement is a strange animal; we believe that we grieve for the loved one/s we lose, but in reality we grieve for ourselves.  We are the ones suffering the loss, the loved one is at peace and out of any suffering they had to endure.  Now it is our turn to endure the suffering of that loss. Everyone will deal with a loss in different ways and depending on how deep that loved one impressed themselves onto your own soul will determine the depth of the hurt.  The deeper the love, the deeper the hurt; and that's how it should be.  If we didn't feel that suffering or that hurt of the empty space a loved one leaves you with, well we would be cold and callous and not even care.  The fact that we hurt, and how deep we hurt, is a sign of respect for the one/s we have lost. Bereavement is also very personal - everyone will deal with a bereavement in their own way and in their own time.  Time?  It really is a meaningless and unquantifiable entity; many is the occasion when I have heard the utterance 'time heals' - I would challenge that in saying that you will 'heal in time' your own time. Even though you believe that the wounds heal in time, they can be split wide open by a sound, song, smell or memory of the one you have lost.  Don't fight those times, embrace them and relish the fact that a memory has been opened up to you.  We should never forget the passing of the ones we love, but at the same time we cannot dwell on what once was.  Your loved ones would be mortified if you did not move on in your life and put this experience behind you; after all, life is for living and you can't live in the past, only in the here and now. As the pain subsides and good memories take the place of the pain, remember your loved ones with fondness and what they brought into your life.  Remember the good times. Hindsight can be a wonderful teacher, it can also become a tormentor; if there were any bad times in your relationship with your loved one/s, think of them as a learning curve and memory is your teacher telling you not to make the same mistakes.  What has gone has gone, it can't be undone but if there are haunting memories that resurface, go out and do something good for someone else, just because you can; your reward will be your penance served.  There are no guidebooks to life, no one to tell you how everything will turn out.  Life is what life is and your life is your own. Grieve for your loss, for the emptiness left behind, but stand firm and move on and make your loved one/s proud of what you will become - hopefully a wonderful, caring and loving individual.
    • Both my 'real' friends are now dead and one other who I have lost touch with and have no idea where he is now, or even if he is still alive.  The first of my 'real' friends (I emphasise 'real' because a lot of people profess to be your friend, but really you are just a convenience for them) I went to school with, so we literally grew up together.  When we left school the friendship remained and as we did not live far from each other, we saw a lot of each other.  In fact we started our first band together, but finding bandmates was a very difficult task because of conflicting musical tastes (we liked rock music). However, we grew apart when he got married and took on new responsibilities.  My other 'real' friend was my drinking buddy and we painted the town red on more than one occasion.  Sadly his work took him hundreds of miles from where I lived and he died, alone, in his caravan; that really shook the earth from under my feet. My other good friend was a very wise man and he taught me a lot about life through his sayings and tales.  We shared good wine and music every Monday evening and therein are some tales to tell.  But he divorced and move away to goodness knows where, and as I mentioned at the start I have no idea if he is still alive. This topic also reminds me of a song (below) I happened across a little while ago and took me back through memory lane of those great times that we shared. They may be gone from this earth, but they remain in my memories and in my heart.  So, this may be an opportune time to remind everyone that good friends are a rarity and should be nurtured and kept close to your heart - forget the so-called rainy day friends, they will come and go as they please, but the 'real' ones will always stay no matter what.  Enjoy the song and go down memory lane:  
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