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    Helpful Tips on Story Writing

    The Understanding:

    Thought Process

    • As you begin your journey into this fascinating event that changed your life forever, we want to see what you saw, we want to feel how you felt. Be descriptive, share that pain, that joy, and share the senses (taste, touch, sight, smell and sound). Paint this vivid 3D image as if we are standing inside your shoes.


    • Give us the detailing situations leading up to and during the event.
    • Share with us what you feel and see:
    • Before.
    • During.
    • After.

    Some tips to remember while compiling your story to us.

    • Never Gossip (It's just rude to do.)
    • Never Judge (When you do this, you discredit your story.)
    • Try to refrain from making this about negativity, (We are trying to think positive. Your here telling your story so you must have done something right)
    • Never Complain. (When you complain, you really make your points invalid)
    • Never make excuses. (Don't be that guy/gal, remember your points are strong, you have no reason to excuse them)
    • Never Lie. (Lying just makes your whole story look bad. After all, remember the only person you really need to convince is, well...YOU! Stand proud of your accomplishments.)


    • Share with us what you’ve learned, how this experience made you grow into a better person for it.
    • What made you share it?
    • How did this experience inspire you, remember even the bad ones shape us.
    • Important Reminder:

    We want you to walk us through this event (no matter how long it takes) as if we were there on the journey with you. Share it completely, from feelings to scenery. This can be several events leading up to the challenge and then the final realization and how it all ended.

    Below are some helpful files we have put together to help you better understand the format of your life changing event, your story. 

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