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    Contacting Humanastory

    Brian Klein

    We love to hear all kinds of feedback! Communication is the key to success and the only way we will succeed is by hearing the comments, suggestions, and feedback you provide - We open the lines of communication to all and we do so in various ways to help keep us organized. We only request you send your thoughts to the right place. If it is sent to the wrong place it may not be replied to in the manner you were hoping to be responded to, or even worse, replied to at all.

    1. Our Support Ticketing System (must be signed in)
    2. General Inbox
    3. Site-Wide Technical Support:
    4. Submissions E-Mail:
      • submissions@humanastory.com (Looking to submit your story to us? Click here.)
        • Sending an image? Please title your E-Mail "My Image Submission"
          • Image submissions must be 1920x1080 pixels (or bigger) / No Watermarks
          • Only accepted files types with the E-mail will be [ .JPG / .PNG ] all others will be ignored.
    5. Anonymous Information Tip-Line:
      • tipline@humanastory.com
        • The Tip-Line is for 'Protected' or 'Anonymous' information.
        • Used for whistle-blowers, etc.… (who wish their names and personal information to remain confidential or redacted.).
        • Looking to submit your story to us anonymously? Click here.
    6. Podcast E-Mail:
    7. Snail Mail
      • ATTN: Humanastory, P.O. Box 712151, Santee, CA 92072
    8. Voice Box
      • +1 619 798-6307
        • When leaving voice messages be sure to leave a "Show ##" - (## refers to show number) and your message.
        • "Hello Humanastory, my name is <Insert First Name> I'm Calling from State/Provence and referencing (Show and Episode)".

    Finally — thanks for contributing!

    • Does your reply improve the conversation in some way?
    • Be kind to your fellow community members.
    • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people.

    Edited by Brian Klein

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