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We are the story of humanity, one person at a time.

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    Why Humanastory

    Why Humanastory,

    Humanastory is a byproduct of my life's experiences; my hope and desire is to connect people together through shared experiences – your stories.

    Humanastory is about human companionship, a closeness that only comes from bringing people together with the aim of helping each other. I wanted to be able to tell your stories and share your experiences with everyone who could benefit from them. By telling your stories you can share that moment that forever changed who you are. But the idea is to not just tell your stories, but share the journey in how you overcame that moment in your lives, allowing others to read and see the story and connect to the one sharing it – YOU!

    The stories that impact us the most are the ones that generally have a negative effect on our lives. Most people want to tell about the horrid things, but often fail to share the accomplishments which had a positive impact on their lives. I believe that sharing a balance of all our experiences will help someone out there in the same situation and allow them to connect with others who have already conquered their life’s struggles. Share your stories that have dragged you to the depths of despair and then share how you have become strong, a winner and an achiever.

    This site gives you the resources to express your stories to help those who otherwise would fall - the help to stand up and face what is in front of them without fear or doubt. I truly believe everyone has the ability to succeed in life. If you are alive on this little rock hurling through the endless void, we call the universe, you are a Humanastorian! How much of one, is up to you.

    Our community consists of 4 shows:

    • Coffee With Humanastory - Live morning shows involving the submitted stories by our humanastorians.
    • Reading With Humanastory - We read a book that a member shared with us in hopes to learn something new.
    • An Open Conversation - Live shows involving an honest and open conversation and interaction with the brave individuals who submitted their stories and other inspiring people from around the world.
    • Humanastory Livestream - Unscripted live fun with our community, website, and members. We take calls and talk live to everyone in the community.

    We are a community, a family and as such we also offer a small section dedicated to answering questions you might have. To us, one of the single most important events in life is being able to ask the questions that, in some cases, need answers. 

    If you are trying to get a better understanding of our Founders Brian and Kristina, check out these two sections.

    • What Brian Thinks - Brian, our host and founder's, personal thoughts and what he experiences and sees in life, day to day.
    • Kristina's Top Ten - Kristina, his wife and her wacky lists of top tens. We all need a little enjoyment.

    We hold contests and giveaways at Humanastory as a way to encourage interaction with each other and to encourage the creation of kinship and growth with each other.

    • Contest Forum - is where our contests are placed when one is ongoing.

    And finally, the reason we do this, our Humanastorian story submissions! The basis of our entire community. Those who have gone through adversity in life and managed to overcome what ales them, only to share this event with all of us at Humanastory!

    • Story Submissions - A collection of life events and stories, submitted by our members.

    Take your time, peruse through the website, and see what we have to offer!

    We are reminded daily why Humanastory is so important. The stories we receive come from mostly individuals who have or are passing on and wanted to share their wisdom with others undergoing the same struggles that they had in life. They seem sad, but potentially save others in sharing their journeys. These individuals deserve a the utmost respect and gratitude for helping make the world a more positive place, and doing it whilst they are no longer around to enjoy it (a selfless act indeed). It is these people and their stories that make an impact on the world and while it seems these people, who have shared their journeys through life, get nothing in return they did something that could and can never be repaid. The Honored Departed; they will not be forgotten here. Meet our inspiration, Mark Ehmke (Lower left); learn more about him here.


    Having had stage 4 cancer not once, but twice by 18, I had done 10 years of chemotherapy 6 hours a day 5 days a week. I witnessed the placing of 3 people into hospices and stood by their side, being the sole person at their side during their last moments; I got married in hospice to my wife, for a friend I called brother, who wanted to be the best man. I had lost a best friend at 23 from cancer.

    Mark and I always had a running joke about the aliens and how they were coming for him, when we found out he wasn't going to make it, he laughed and stated "They are here.". You have to find humor in the darkest of hours. If you (or anyone for that matter) ever wanna talk, I'm available.


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